Wednesday, January 5, 2011

not as bad as I thought.

I have resolved to work on one room for at least 20 minutes a day/ per day until I have finished.  That is unless I find something better to do, or I am gone that day.  Or some friend calls up and wants to go to lunch, or shopping, or something very cool.  But while I am home & stuck inside, I'm working on cleaning out drawers & de-cluttering.  Today was my first session and I have to say I can not believe how fun it was.  I mean~throwing away some, giving some away, and then finding an organized idea for other things.    

 This drawer used to be jammed look how fresh, beautiful, and spacious it looks.  Well except for the aqua toothpaste I noticed after I uploaded the pictures.  That's not so fresh looking.  
Note to self: When all the crap is unloaded from the drawer, wipe it down.  
 And then Suzy found me....and decided it would be fun to organize too.  I have to say this was a strong bonding moment for me.  She was organizing by color, which made my heart pitter patter.  I'm thinking of just having her do the rest of the house.   I will be on the computer and she can clean.  Sounds like an excellent plan to me. 
But here is the drawer of doom.  How do you organize cut ribbons you put in your girls' hair?  I have no idea. 

Quote of the day: 

Recently we were attending a funeral of my Uncle and we were very unhappy with how our children did ~listening and letting us listen.  We have a church bag, but it seemed it was out of control.  Asking for this, asking for that, fighting over who got what and for how long....disruptive to us and probably everyone around us.  It would've been nice if they would've listened to some of what was being said.  So on the home Donovan and I talked and then made a plan.  We grounded all those 6 years old & up from using anything during church services.  For the month of January.  I have to admit this may be punishment for us as well.  But on Sunday we put this into action.  And you know what?  We were PLEASED.  I couldn't help but share Jack's comment after the service.
Jack: "I listened, and it wasn't as bad as I thought."   

I'm sure Merlin will be happy to know that.  :)


Mary said...

I do not have girls so the ribbon question is a mystery to me as well. I remember having a few ribbons but I guess we just didn't decorate our hair as much back then or something. Love that Suzy was a valid help. Too cute.

cheryl said...

I've never really had many hair ribbons either. Could you use some sort of string or dowel rod or paper towel tube mounted somewhere and just tie all of them to it? It could be a row of pretty bows. If they're tied to what they're on, they're not tangled together and you can see them easily. Ooh! Suzy could organize those by color too:)