Monday, January 24, 2011

anniversary #13.....all the love that a girl could want

Two weekends ago we headed out to Chicago to celebrate our 13th Anniversary.  We hit all our usual spots starting with Ikea......
 This little spot gave me inspiration for my kitchen I found the fabric section and came home and got to work on my little sewing machine.  I'll post a picture of how it turned out later. :)

 I think I must have the perfect husband (for me) that is....I don't know many other men that enjoy Ikea as much as I do.  However in the above picture he trying his best to look mad...because this is the new color I we picked for our boys' room.  He knows I'm right...the color was wrong in there, and had to be changed.  The black and white accents with the green is very clean & crisp. I will have to take some pictures of the color in the boys' bedroom and post them later.  I luuuuvvvvveee how it turned out.  I love getting inspired and seeing room layouts.  Giddy.  Down right GIddY!  

 Also got an idea for these shelves.....and a cheaper way to make them.  Hubby is currently in the basement working on those.  I love that he is bored in the winter and enjoys projects.
 LoVe that Ikea lists the colors they used.  We skipped the Benjamin Moore store and hit Lowes~they match the Benjamin Moore color for Free and it's perfect. 
 After Ikea we headed over to our "priceline" hotel....was very pleased with our 3 star for 1/2 the cost!
 For dinner we ate at Maggianos (little Italy), a place we found over the summer.  We loved it then and it was so fun to go back.  Yummo!! We shared a meal and still couldn't finish it!  Tasty!
 Since we had no kids, no time limit, and no agenda we decided a movie would be we headed over to a theater that had 20 shows to pick from.  WOW!  Awesome!  It doesn't take much to make me smile.

Stayed out late, talked until I think I almost ran out of words.....Amazing to have all the time and space and no interruptions.  Made me fall in love all over again~with my man.  Love him!
 I have no other favorite breakfast spot in all the world than Egg'lectic Cafe..... Their delivery is so amazing, the atmosphere is quaint, and the service is outstanding.  Again...enjoyed the amazing bliss of it just being us 2, with no rushing though a meal and with hopes no one has to pee during the meal. :)  Love those kids~don't misunderstand....Just love being on dates so very, very much!  Esp. one that lasts all day & all night
After breakfast we found a "The Container Store", somewhere I always wanted to visit....Walked through every single isle!  Found a couple of treasures....But most of all, just loved having the freedom to not be rushed, and to window shop.

Love love. times 13!!!  
Pictures of finished projects to come, later.


Crystal K said...

You two are a great couple! Love you guys!

Jewel said...

I can't believe you're celebrating your 13th anniv! It seemed like it was just the other month I was reading on your blog about you celebrating your anniv.!

Erin said...

Looks like you guys had another fun trip to Chicago!!!

sherri said...

Happy Anniversary #13!! What a dream...glad you had a fabulous time! Love you.