Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i love snow days

 I love that yesterday was a 2 hour delay!  And love that last night they called off school before we went to bed.  So we KNEW we could sleep in today. 
 I love being snowed in and knowing that things in town are also closed, because of all the snow.  It almost  feels like a holiday.

 While I pretty much am tired of winter by now...this snow storm was just fine with me today.  Esp. since they have already called a 2 hour delay for tomorrow. 

 Remember the fabric I snagged at Ikea?? Here is the curtain that came from it, and a snow covered window boxes. 
 The part I like best about being in a cul-de-sac is the huge piles of snow they plow to the sides of the road.  It makes for a great little sledding hill.  That beckoned  my kids back out side for the 2nd time today.  Another perk is that I can see them from my kitchen window~where's it's toasty warm inside.

 This little thing had been in the snow for so long her sleeves were frozen wet, pants were wet, and cheeks nice and rosey.  She had went face first into a snow drift and decided she was done.  I put her in a bubble bath, and she asked me if I would fix her, "Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cool whip."  Why I sure can!!!
What did you do today?


Anonymous said...

What fun pictures!! These are the things these little people will remember always!! And its so awesome we have the delay! It's perfect!

sherri said...

awww...sweet little suzy is so adorable! I have loved the three days off of school this week as well...esp. with hubby home for two of them.

Mary said...

We had school while you folks had a snow day...for a change!

The folks down here would be overwhelmed by all that snow. The kids would love it, but the adults would be FREAKING OUT!

Brings back many, many good memories. Thanks for sharing your snow day. :)