Thursday, April 17, 2008

No wonder my eye was twitching all day.....

We've been gone every night for 5 nights in a row....and we have plans for the next 3 nights to come. Fun..but busy. It's hard to know what to cut out and how to slow down. This was one thing I for sure didn't want to miss. A birthday dinner...oh how I love to not cook dinner. What a treat. Tonight we went to my aunt and uncles house to celebrate my cousin Jon's birthday, Donovan's (who turns 34 on April 27th) and William who turns 4 next week.

How very unfortunate the Creme de menthe ice cream pie I made looked better than it tasted. Don't you just hate it when you get special ingredients for a special desert and it turns out wrong. The recipe called for 2 TBS. of creme de menthe, I used 1 TBS. and it was way to strong. As bite left you running for water and burned all the hair out of your nose. It was bad. I used Creme de menthe flavoring oil. Do any of you cooks know something different I should have used??? The recipe simply said creme de menthe.

Then we headed outdoors for some croquet. What a beautiful day. Loving the warm weather.

Someone loves to prove he's not getting old.

My cousin Steve and his wife Jane.

Showing the boys the game. Poor Jack has been running a high fever since Tuesday, but was up and around a little bit tonight.

O.k. just so you know this kiss was less than 1 second long. We are not making out. Just to clarify...for Donovan's sake.
And on a side note from another day....Tuesday we were at the school picking up Jack and Isabella and I had to use the bathroom. Which by the way....other question comes to mind what can you do with your little (almost) 4 year old boy when you go into a public restroom and need privacy...any ideas?? So moving forward I finish going to the bathroom and Suzy says, "Potty, Potty" along with her little dance that means...right now! So I quickly jump up and put her on the toilet. The very tall toilet with lots of germs on the seat. So I'm holding on to Suzy because of course she can't touch the floor with her feet and I certainly don't want her holding on to the seat.....and I'm waiting. And waiting. And waiting. So I look around to see if maybe she did go and I didn't hear it. So I look around the side of the my precious little girl and ker-plunk something huge & brown hits the water and then splashes. Splashes pee water into my eye. The eye I can not wipe because I'm holding precious with my 2 hands so she doesn't fall into the toilet that is very contaminated. All in a days work...girls. All in a days work.


Kim said...

Don't you just love being a Mom! Who needs clean clothes after a day's wear? Not us Moms! That's hilarious Heather!

krista said...

what a good laugh! Wouldn't it be great to teach her to say, Poop, Mom, so as not to be listening or watching. But perhaps that would be a little crass to the innocent bystander. Somehow saying potty isn't so offensive. Or wee-wee? My grandma used that to mention to Karis why the puppy had a little thing sticking out...I'll have to tell you the whole story later.

Sarah said...

Hi, Heather. First of all, I was gone during the posts about your lump in your breast and I am so glad that everything turned out well.

Secondly, I buy a cream de mente ice cream topping in the ice cream topping aisle - it's what I use to make mint brownies and I wonder if that's what the pie was calling for instead of an essential oil...I believe it's made by Reese and it's in a green bottle. Get it and try that pie again! Let us know how it turns out. :)

wanita said...

hey thankfully virgin toilet water is supposed to be more clean than the average kitchen sink. = )

although a public restroom is in a whole other category!!

i've asked myself that same question-what to do w/ the son when you need to go? that age is so awkward for that situation. i just simply ask lando to face the door till i am done. works for me!

Cottonista said...

Dear Heather,

Creme de menthe is found at the liquor store. Don't ask how I know.

Sherri said...

I hate public restrooms with kids as well. I'm constantly telling them "don't touch anything" and "put your hands on your knees not the toilet lid!"...while also keeping them as far away from the flushing toilet as I powerful as those things flush, you know all those germs have to be flying right up into the air. So gross!

Holly said...

You always have quite the interesting stories!
Love ya