Saturday, April 19, 2008

Because we can not name a baby girl, "Douglas."

Today was another full but fun day. We started off the day to sleeping in until 9 a.m. which was a sweet start to any day, but an added bonus when it's Saturday. We had breakfast and then headed off to drop Suzy off at Aunt Arlene & Uncle Jon's. We then headed up to Kalamazoo for a play that my cousin was preforming in. The play/musical was "Hello Dolly"

This was the first time we had been to a musical as a family. Isabella especially enjoyed it. She loved all the dancing, singing, and acting. The boys did well and it was so fun to be there all together. In the above picture is my Aunt Esther (my mom's oldest sister), and Kendra (my cousin), Jack, William, and Isabella. The musical was very entertaining and I was so impressed with the extent of the props, backdrops, and costumes!! They put so much work into this. It is a home school group that my cousin Kendra preformed with. They did an excellent job!!

Here is another of the actresses....I thought looked like the same age as Isabella...but she was 11! She was so cute.

My cousin Rosetta was there with us, and took us backstage to show the kids how a musical works. Where they get changed, put on their make-up on, and the backstage. I love that Rosetta thought to take the kids back there...It helped them realize how a play is made. The backstage was see the huge curtains, the stage, and tons of props. I wanted Isabella to put on a hat to take a picture...but she was too embarrassed. Hmmmm....her dad sure wasn't.....tell me isn't there something wrong with this picture?

After the musical we headed off to a late lunch/early supper all mixed into Carrabba's.

After the play and supper we went to Donovan's parents house...because they were hosting a family get-together. Aunt Wilma & Uncle Reuben were in town from Florida. Here is Aunt Wilma with our girls and me.

And all us cool cousins. We definitely bring young blood to these get togethers'.

Suzanna begging for ice cream.

Great Grandma Gingerich with our kids....I love how Grandma loves our little ones. She is so special.

And the newest member of the Gingerich Family....Donovan's cousin Craig and his wife Rachel had a little baby boy just 5 days ago and brought him tonight. What a little bundle of sweetness. And while eating up and loving this beautiful little baby boy....let me rest all of your little turning wheels in your brain.....I am totally loving this stage of my motherhood. Everyone is feeding themselves in our home now. For the first time in 8 years I am not buying diapers. I do not need nursing pads. While there are so many parts of the newborn stage I adore...I'm really happy to be moving on. Which is huge for me...I really thought I would never say that and actually mean it.

And as we were getting ready to go William asked to hold him. Here William is telling me, he would like a little baby like this in our family. Only not a boy, a girl, who he would like to name Douglas or Donald. Really William, Thomas the train names? Well I was thinking of granting your wish for another baby girl, but now that you put those names on the table, I think I shall have to say no. Otherwise I would've had to eat my previous words and send Donovan back to the Dr. to reverse the surgery. Just to grant that sweet little request from William.


Rosetta said...

Heather and family,
thanks so much for supporting Kendra by attending the performance of "Hello Dolly". It was so much fun to have so many family and friends with us.
After the photo shoot-which took about 1 1/2 hours, we went on to Spring Arbor to see Kurt in a play on campus there. He did a great job acting but the story line of both short plays was not all that great. We spent time with him in his dorm room afterwards.
I got home about midnight to find ants all over my kitchen counter, etc...UGH...I HATE bugs of any kind. It's been a long but good day...with the exception of the ants. Thanks again...Rosetta

Sherri said...

Glad you had a fun family outing at the musical yesterday.

I really enjoyed seeing pictures of the family gathering as well. Too bad we had to miss it. What a treat to meet the newest member. William looks so sweet holding him.

No need to have Donovan reverse the surgery...why not go for #5 and adopt a little baby girl. :)

heather said...

Rosetta, Wow we had a really great time with you, thanks for letting us know about the tickets!

Sherri, You should've come up with Kaiya!! We did miss you last night.
And great idea about adopting.....Maybe in a couple of years we will be coming to you for advise on how to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Don that Troy and I really enjoyed the picture of him in the pink hat. It coordinated so well with his outfit! :)

Holly said...

Looks like a great time! What a cool family get together!
Love ya

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