Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy 4th birthday william

Dear William Lewis, Where has the time gone? Can it be that 4 years already since you were born? Time has just flown. It has been absolute joy to be your mama. You bring so much fun to our family, and I love to watch you with your brother & sisters. You make us all laugh with your silliness and goofy voices you have. Today a friend reminded me how you never did crawl. You used to scoot on your bottom to get around. I almost forgot that you did that! We used to just laugh at your method of transportation. You had sweet, fat thighs, pudgy little arms, and cute chubby cheeks. You finally did walk when you were 16 months old!

You're very best friend right now is Jack, and you love to play trains with him. You are pretty endearing to your big brother and love to follow him around. Even when he gets upset with you, you are quick to forgive him. Keep that great quality little son! I also love how you show your love and happiness. You are quick to bounce into a room and liven it up. You love to show off.

Today at lunch after I put a candle in your pizza and sang Happy Birthday to you....You smiled really big and you told me, " I like you mom" Just out of the blue. It melted my heart. I love how transparent you are.

You are such a blessing William. You add so much to our family!!

I love you little man.

Happy 4th Birthday.

Love, Mama


cheryl said...

What a handsome little man. Happy Birthday to William! My sister Laura used get from A to B the same way. She'd sit on her bum, extend her legs, dig her heels in, pull her bum to her feet and then repeat. For years Dad called her Scooter. It almost stuck into adulthood, but she finally got her name back;)

heather said...

Cheryl...that's exactly what William used to do. Must run in the family??? :)

Rosetta said...

What a nice tribute to William! I hope you save that and scrapbook it for yourself and him someday! He really is a fun little guy! But then, all your children are precious-each in their own unique way! I look forward to reading your comments for each of their upcoming birthdays! It was fun celebrating for a bit with William yesterday! "Cool"....he made me smile!

Anonymous said...

What a precious son. I love his smile! It was a lot of fun seeing familiar faces on the other post! I haven't seen some of those faces in years! Loved Ella's dress!!!

Sherri said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Prince William! You are a priceless gem.

I remember those chubby little cheeks & thighs. Caedmon had them too at that exact same time.

Holly said...

What an amazing little man! I can't believe he is 4 already! He so awesome! I love the tribute you left for him! Like Rosetta said save those words for him to one day read also! One little amazing man has one amazing mom! You & Donovan have done an excellent job not only with William but with all 4 kids! Love you sister!