Friday, March 21, 2008

It works for me..........

One thing I learned about parenting over the last 8 years is that kids need time to themselves just like us adults do. I learned in a parenting class to start young and teach your little ones to play by themselves. I have found that when the 4 are together again it helps that they spent that time apart. So after breakfast they all go to seperate rooms and can listen to CD's and play. But they have to stay in their room. This also helps mama- who needs time for boring things like laundry, and cleaning.

Of course it doesn't really work very well if all of a sudden one day you start them off by sending them to their rooms and saying, "happy room time, I'll be on the couch eating bon bon's." It started when they were young by putting them in a pack and play for just 15 minutes at a time. Then gradually adding a few minutes every week. Now they are all up to one hour. It works for me. It took a lot of time and effort...this is not natural for children to entertain themselves. But now the older ones ask for room time, they enjoy not getting bugged by their younger counterparts.

Here is a video clip of what works pretty well for our family.
Now why don't you drop me a line and tell me works well for your family?


Anonymous said...

hey sister nice tour of your house today, it was so great to see each of your little sweeties at play nice to know that your house can look lived in too! it is always so imaculate when ever i am there ;^)! wish i could pop in more often. did you see this SNOW a falling ughhh and i have to go out of town today to work ugghhx2 well i'll just keep thinking peaceful thoughts love you hugs and kisses~~ GO HEATHER FEATHER!~~melissa gail

Holly said...

You rock sister! You are such a great mother! I truly admire you seriously! I know you have your trying times, but you are a super mom! Wait, also a super sister! I love you & admire you! You are my hero!

Nicole said...

I am a good friend to Sherri and actually your cousin Cheryl! I saw your blog off of Sherris blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I have two young and active boys so I appreciate all the great ideas and laughter you bring to motherhood! And I love your new entry about their room time. I have a private blog but would be more than happy to invite you if you would like me to. By the way we have Meijer Nazi's in fort wayne as well :)

Kim said...

So sweet Heather! I hope it is not too late to try, but we may try that as well. Especially with the summer vacation coming up quicker that I can imagine.

Anonymous said...

like your new pix!

your house is perfect for you! ...and if that's what 'lived in' looks like for you...amazing!

heather said...

Melissa....Oh come on our house is not imaculate always when you are here! :) You're trying to make me look good. And yep, you should pop in more often.

Holly....Thanks. Love you too.

Nicole...I'd love to read your blog. Sign me up! :) Thanks for stopping in, come again.

Kim....go for it! It's never too late! Good luck. After room time, we'll take the kids to Cindy's pool this summer. o.k.?

Wanita...Thanks! And no my house is not always looking like it was in the video. I'm human with 4 kids.

Nicole said...

Would love to sign you up, you can send your e-mail address to

Sherri said...

It sure works great for me too...thanks to you for sharing the idea with me.

Loved seeing each one playing so sweetly and using their imaginations.