Friday, March 14, 2008

$25 eye drops with a side of spring fever

We have been dealing with sickness in our home for over a week now. On Monday last week the 3 oldest kids had ear infections. William had a side of pink eye to go with the ear infection. Isabella had a helping of infantigo to go with her ear infection. Jack had fever to go with his ear situation. And Suzy seemed to be o.k. However when we left for our mini vacation- Donovan's mama called to say they were sharing the love and Suzy developed pink eye. She called the Dr. who said, he doesn't pass out Rx's for pink eye. It should clear up in a couple of days.
By yesterday (1 week with pink eye) It still was not better. I called our family Dr. --same response different day. No Rx for pink eye. URGH!!! So we went to my eye Dr. in Sturgis who examined her. And snap!! Suzy is not covered under our eye insurance program...because why would I sign up a 1 year old?? And bummer this appointment would be out of pocket. Gee--Watch the money fly away....Anyways...the only appointment they had yesterday was 1:30. Snap! again~Nap time. But I really wanted this resolved, so we went. The older 2 kids were in school, so that left Suzy and William to take. Look how cute they look waiting at the Dr.
Hey...what else was I supposed to do while waiting 20 minutes to see the Dr. I mean it's totally normal to take pictures of your kids at the eye Dr. waiting room, right??

So come to find may have started as pink eye...but now has turned into inflamation from rubbing it so much. Something was irrating her eye and it wasn't healing. The eye Dr. gave us a Rx and we were on our way.

So we headed over to the super center and dropped a $25 load on the Rx. Man that stinks. Not buying diapers but now eye drops....that is a tiny, tiny bottle of eye drops. So while we waited for the gold to be dispensed this is the kids favorite spot at Wal-mart. Looking at the books. Again, it's totally normal to be taking pictures inside Wal-mart, Right?? But aren't you glad I sweet are they? Even though at times it is so frustrating dealing with toddlers....I want to remember all the things that made them so happy. The simple things like looking at brand new books at Walmart and pressing all the buttons on the noisy books. Hearing them laugh at the potty training book that has a button sounds like a flushing toilet. I love that laughter. It reminds me to slow down and savor this time.

So today Suzy's eye is doing better. But -her and William are running fevers of 102-103. ALL DAY.

But we did go on a walk and got outside a little. Oh how I love spring. We are so ready for warmer weather. It kept climbing today and actually reached 56 degrees!

I love how entertained the kids are playing outdoors. I love not needing to put boots, coats, mittens, and hats on the kids.

I love that the snow is almost melted. I love that William had a little energy despite the fever and the boys worked on sweeping the street.

I love sittin' around....enjoying the outdoors. I love having kids old enough to be photographers. :)


Cindy said...

Maybe with the fever, they now have strep throat. :) Abbi was home the entire week with strep and then the scarlet fever rash that sometimes goes with it. Poor thing, her tongue was completely raw! She finally had some egg yesterday. She doesn't have her tonsils and I didn't think she would be susceptible to strep - go figure! Hey woman of sick kids ... I feel your pain! But for sure, Spring is right around the corner!

Anonymous said...

i feel your pain...had to spend $60 on one of those little eyedrop bottles and that was only half of the Rx! poor suzy, she's still looking so sweet though...

the weather has indeed been so refreshing!!

Holly said...

We just need to pray for all the little people to get better! It seriously stinks when they are sick! They are all so cute and sweet! I love them all!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey sister there is over the counter pink eye stuff and even for infections of the eye, maybe next time you should call somebody you know, who might be a nurse or something ;0)! you really do have an easy pick in our family. this weather has been a welcomed change i have had the windows open every day, my husband thinks i am crazy, but then again most of my family thinks so too! what do you think? love you bunches i promise to do my commenting more faithfully. you know i am you biggest cheerleader. GO HEATHER FEATHER!! ~~melissa gail

Sherri said...

Hope the kids are feeling better this week. I was so priviledged to hold Suzy a little on Saturday. She acted like she wasn't quite feeling herself yet, but was a sweetheart anyway.

Sorry I missed seeing you, though. How was the shopping?