Saturday, March 1, 2008


I love teaching my children something for the first time.
Today was girls day out and I took Isabella ice-skating for the first time ever.

I loved watching her so much through the camera it was hard to put it down. All the 1st's. First time feeling ice skates on her feet, her first fall. She is growing up so fast and I think if I don't take lots of pictures I will forget....because I can't believe she is almost 8. Eight years...where did it go??? And somedays it makes me so sad that we are doing some things for the last time. Because she is getting so independant. Don't get me wrong there are alot of times I can't wait until all of my kids can put their own shoes on and wipe themselves. But then that means that they are growning up....and wow! the time goes so fast. I remind myself daily not to "wish" these sweet days away.

Somedays I just want silence. But today it was so fun to hear all of the things forming in her little mind. I loved all of her questions....Like where will we put our shoes while we skate? How do they get the ice for skating on? Where will we pay? She was just so excited.

What a sweet day with my little sweetie.


Rosetta said...

Isabella and Heather,
What a wonderful memory-making time together! I enjoyed the pictures and your thoughts once again. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Isn't that a fun place to go? We really enjoyed our time there as well!

Anonymous said...

dearest sister, i have been praying so hard for sunshine but seeing you and ella ice skating made me happy that you all could enjoy the COLD. ;0)! looking at ella makes me think of you so much when you were little, of course minus all that sibling rivalry;0)x2 both are girls are growing up so fast, all our kids for that matter where does it all go??

Anonymous said...

aunt heather it is so great to get to share in your and ella's fun it looks like you had a great time! i wish my mom wasn't so old :)--love you--veronica

Anonymous said...

Those were awesome pictures--and I think you are such a loving Mom!
I know Kim & Roger & kids had a great time on the ice skating rink...It looks a great time!
So did Don take the boys out to a movie?

Sherri said...

What a fun mother/daughter date you had! Isabella is a young lady now and looked so sweet in the pictures. Great memories!