Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Also.....why can't they have Diet Pepsi Machines at the Doctor's office?

Poor thing. Poor mama. I just want her well. After a rough night again Sunday night....of little sleep and fussy pants Suzy.....I took her into the Dr. again on Monday. (yesterday)
Why of all places am I taking pictures at the Dr. office this time? Hummmmm....let me see maybe to pass the time since I waited over an hour to see the Dr. Don't get me wrong I was thankful to have an appointment. And thankful I had a camera to pass the time since I had finished all the hors'devours and had also watched all the in-room free movies. Oh, I kid.
But these things need to be seriously considered when building a new office building being used for a Dr. office. And just ask me...I have more ideas for the waiting room.
So after seeing the Dr. the report is in. An ear infection, bronchitis, and a urinary tract infection just for fun. How can someone so little have so much wrong?

But it was a relief to me, to know there were real things wrong with her. To explain all the neediness was a relief. I was exhausted from all the fussing. You know you have a sick one on your hands when you have to take your one year old with you and she has to sit on your lap while using the facilities. Either that or hear all the crying, the pitiful crying. You also know she's sick when you try to butter toast with one hand while holding the needy one in the other arm. And if you have someone under 2 in your home you understand me perfectly at this point, do you not?

So later that night, after Donovan's help...a bath and supper I was renewed. Full of sympathy, compassion, and tenderness for the little needy baby.

I'm not sure why these 2 were allowed to get this close to each other without a mask, a sterile gown, and sterile surgical gloves.

But it sure was a nice sound to hear giggling rather than crying.


Anonymous said...

o my goodness, the poor girl! i can't believe she's that sick!!

leah ended up being diagnosed w/ allergies...that's a new one for us.

i love isabella's intensity as she looks at the book w/ you. :*)

Holly said...

I wish I could take away all of her pain! It has got to be the worse thing in the world, when your kids are sick! Hopefully in a couple of days everyone & everything will be back to normal. During the winter, I seriously think everyone should double up on the Lysol! I'm praying for everyone!
Love ya,

Cottonista said...

I am so sorry Suzy is sick! Helen is running a fever, and I am with you on the fussy-pants thing. Hold me, put me down, hold me...

Anonymous said...

dearest sister, so sorry to hear that little suzy's so sick,i think somebody better check out the Lysol guys they must be putting out an ineffective batch because i know you use the stuff!!! i heard someone say that because the winters are not as hard, it doesn't kill all the germs ???? i think that was billie guy!! well i gotta go~~go heather feather~~melissa gail

Anonymous said...

Hopefully everyone is on the mend! I guess it was a good time for us to be gone w/everyone around so sick w/flu and colds and everything else!
It's warm on the other side of the world! and the sun does shine! Spring is on the way because they're gearing up for winter here in New Zealand!

krista said...

Wow, she really is sick. When you potty-trained her, did you forget to mention the front to back thing? I thought maybe that would explain the infection. =)

Sherri said...

Poor girl. Hope she can get some relief from the pain now and is feeling better soon. Love the pictures!