Saturday, January 5, 2008

we're on our way...

Wow! Funny how we were in "amish country" and had high speed Internet and then while in Florida in a city 10 times the size of our hometown we have no access to any Internet- at least at our condo.

So....we are somewhere in Tennessee on our way home, but decided rather than driving straight thru like on the way down to Florida we would stop for the night. There's nothing like a hot bath and bed to make you feel like a real woman again. The kids were going crazy in the car and I was absolutely relieved to have stopped for the night. We all went swimming in the hotel pool and the kids all got out some penned up energy. Then baths and bed. So far so good, everyone is sound asleep......except for me. You see I have a problem.....the second I have access to the Internet, I am catching up on my favorite blogs, emails, and other things.....rather than sleeping. I need help.

I can't resist showing one of my favorites from the past week. The picture above was taken of Suzanna the first day on the beach. It was such a huge difference for us since the last time we had been to Florida on vacation. Last March, Suzanna was just 8 months and could not walk yet. This time was so much more fun. She could run to her hearts content. Thus making it so much easier on mama and daddy. The older 3 jumped the waves and had so much fun playing. However before you fill your heart with too much envy......we only had 3 1/2 warm days. Then the cold front came thru. Starting on Wednesday and thru the rest of the week....the temp was usually around 45! Unbelievable! But we were still thankful for the vacation time we had and the fact we were not in snow.

I can't wait to show and tell more from the trip, however I really should try to catch some sleep it's already 11:45. Hope your new year is off to a great for us, please pray for our trip home tomorrow. We have about 8 hours to go, with 4 kids who are very tired of being in carseats, and 2 parents who are very tired of winning, crying, and tatteling.


bobbie said...

I am so excited that you are back on line!!! (: Ohhh how I have missed you!! Weird how that works, I guess just you being in a "different world" makes it seem like you are unreachable!! (: Hope you enjoyed your vacation and we will talk soon!! LOL B

Lyndon said...

Glad to hear that you will be back soon! Probably now...I should call you...I wish I didn't have a trip to get ready for and could come and see you! But maybe we'll be able to fit in it somehow...glad you're back.

Sherri said...

I've missed you, Heather, and can't wait to hear all about your trip. It was so fun to talk with Don a little on the phone while you were there...his voice was a little scratchy from the game. :) We watched it at glad they won!

Welcome home.