Thursday, January 31, 2008

well take a look......

And if I could only take the credit for them. First of all let me take a sentence or two to thank you for all the great feedback on the last post. I truly have alot of crafty and creative fun to hear from so many of you.

So...I took off for Micheals in search for the thick cardboard boxes to cover with the fabic. When looking for them I passed the boxes pictured above. Already covered and in several different sizes. Look at them people.... in the very colors I wanted. The cashier even let me use a coupon he had....which brought them to less than $8 each!!! Now I can put that fabric to great use on some pillow shams. I'd also like to attempt to make a new liner for the basket that was on the shelf...but it scares me a little. Today is defentinly not the day to take on that task. Isabella was home sick all day and Donovan is out of town until late tonight. So any volunteers to do some sewing for me???

Suzy during her nap yesterday.


Bobbie said...

Amazing how well those match!! I can't wait to see what you transform the fabric into!! Sorry to hear Isabella is sick..I hope you are feeling better....nothing like feeling bad and having to take care of others at the same time!! LOL

bobbie said...

Oh.....adorable picture of Suzie!!
Looks like two dolls!!
Sooo cute when you can catch them asleep!

Sherri said...

The boxes are perfect! Although I was hoping to see what you would create...your time is very valuable though and you sure found the perfect match.

Sweet picture of Suzy!

Sharena said...

I was looking forward to seeing what you'd create with the fabric, but the boxes are perfect! Cute pic of Suzie!