Tuesday, January 8, 2008

cheesy grins and surfer girl

You people are the best friends ever...thank you for your anniversary wishes and kind comments from yesterday's blog. WOW! I love you...my faithful readers and friends.

And here are some of the pictures from our St. Augustine trip....
Cheesy grin by the pool. Suzanna is loving getting her picture taken right now, and is always ready with a cheesy "cheese." The condo right behind Suzy is the one our family stayed in. Very handy when cheesy needed an afternoon nap.

Another perk was the beach was walking distance from our condo. As in just across the boardwalk. Here "grandpa" Eichorn and William are making an alligator.

And here daddy comes with a real diaper...because the swim diaper leaked all over my leg while holding Suzy.

Thanking daddy with a kiss.

My surfer girl.........

Catching the right wave.

Back at the pool....Donovan trying to impress the family. :)
I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures...and pictures showing an exciting makeover we did to one of our children.
Stayed tuned...and drop me a line, will ya?


Sherri said...

I've been waiting patiently for these pictures of your trip. Suzy's kiss with Daddy is so sweet...great close-up shot! Did I hear you got a new camera for Christmas? :)

Patiently waiting for more...

heather said...

Thanks Sherri! Yes, I did get a new camera for Christmas...and this one has a zoom that works. :) It is amazing. I love it.

I'll post more after I get these kiddo's off to school.

wanita said...

looks like you're family had an absolute blast!! no i'm not jealous...ok i AM jealous!!! i miss FL(but only for vactions!).

loved your 10 yr celebration idea w/ the pix and that song! congrats!!

had hoped you'd be back for church last Sun nite, i was there watching some of my nieces and nephews perform in their Christmas program.