Saturday, January 26, 2008


This morning we watched our friends, Travis & Kristin's little children. Lauren is 3 and Lawson is 1. Lauren has a big vocabulary and a cute little voice. She is very good at expressing herself. She esp. liked helping with our "baby suzy" as she called her.

Lauren was so cute to say while I was combing Suzy this morning, "Wow, Suzy can really talk well, Heather"

However Lawson was not on board. He had slight separation anxiety and promptly let us know he is not "down" with the plan of him staying at our home without mama & daddy. He went and got his hat and stood by the door for most of an hour.

The best thing about having siblings for your children is they will comfort each other. I love this picture! It just is so sweet. Lauren is going to be a great mama!

However when Travis and Kristin came back, Lawson came out of his shell, turned off the tears, and was really falling for Suzy. They are just 1 month apart and are so cute together. Lawson went to kiss Suzy all on his own and then I made him do it several more times until I could snap a picture.

And here is a taste of Suzanna's room....still in progress. It always takes me so long to decide how to decorate the walls. I probably will put the same things back up only switch it around a little. Donovan is at the shop now working on her bed...until then she is learning to stay on her mattress on the floor. And I am begging Donovan to make her one of these for her books. I'm glad wood working is one of his favorite hobbies. So more to come on her room. I was however very happy with the paint color!

Suzy seems pretty happy to have more room in her bedroom, and looks so grown up trotting in there showing us her "new" bed. So hard to see her grow up right before our eyes, and yet so exciting. Donovan's brother Jon and his wife Arlene were here last night and took the crib for their new baby who will be here in August. I can't wait to see the crib be passed down in our family with a new little delicious baby this summer. Watch out Jon and Arlene....before you know it I will be stealing that baby and kissing him or her all over, smelling that sweet new baby skin, and snacking on her/his little toes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
I am laughing as I look at the pictures of Suzy's room. That is almost the exact color I painted Lindsey's room when we moved. Then we pick out the same Christmas cards, I really need to come see your house since we seem to have the same taste and I'm running out of inspiration and still have half of the new house to decorate. Her room looks adorable!

Sherri said...

Very cute room and the color looks nice. Can't wait to see her new bed...Did you decide against the bunkbeds?

The dollhouse is adorable. Was that a Christmas gift? She will have lots of fun pretending with it. The fisherprice dollhouse I had as a little girl got a lot of use.

heather said...

Lisa....Looks like that is just the color for little girls. Sherri (my cousin) also has a simular color for her little girls room and so does my friend Bobbie for her little girl, Courtney. It is so pretty and feminine. Sorry we couldn't have you here when you were in town. I would love to have you next time you are here.

And Sherri....We decided against the bunk beds since we have one set already. We probably won't room them together for a couple years yet. The beds will match that Donovan is building...but will be seperate if we ever room them together. The dollhouse was a Christmas gift last year for Isabella actually. But her room is so full and she doesn't play with it like her sister does.

Lyndon Bontrager said...

The dollhouse is a winner. Karis loves to play with it when she is over. And the room looks great. Can't wait to see it with the new bed. I bet that ages Suzy pretty quickly not to walk in there and see a crib!

Cottonista said...

Hey--I was just thinking about that very color the other night. I think one of my spare bedrooms wants it! It's so hard to get the right green, but you did it! Way to go.