Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's about the fun of the game...not the score

my boys.....

Tonight big"D" kicked off his church league basketball season. The boys were so excited that their dad was going to play basketball. I on the other hand have mixed feelings about giving up a night. Shouldn't I have the night off? Before I start getting hate mail....and reminders that I DO have a good husband.....Let me assure you I Know. I am well aware of the sleeping in that goes on in this house, the days a certain husband comes home early from work, and helps so much with all the short people that live here, etc. It's just hard to be on duty all day and then for the evening too. And if you have children- You understand. Ahhhhh...the sacrifice I make for the man I love. I know. They have one game a week....But seriously they have a game on Feb. 14th. That is pushing the limits people! And I know a man must have made up that schedule, because NO woman would've done that. It's just not right.

The games are played at the NEW Clinton Christian School gym. Donovan is almost in the middle of the picture with a black tank top in running motion. After the game tonight...I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be with 4 kids at the game. Isabella was a big help taking Suzanna on walks and carrying her up stairs, etc.

The boys played well and the game really didn't take that long. And Donovan had so much fun being out on the court, it was really fun for him to be a part of the team.
And it really is all about having fun, so we won't bother mentioning the score.


Cottonista said...

I'm sure it's big stuff for your kids to see their dad playing basketball--and getting to play with other kids whose dads are also playing basketball. But I know how you feel about kid duty in the evening...

OPHRA said... are right about who made that schedule....but good thing that he will make it up to you the next evening!!! (:
It is hard to explain that all day thing with the kids that carries over into the night!!...I am with you sister!!! Maybe they should do a little show on that!! LOL