Wednesday, January 16, 2008

surgery day

before surgery.....(note 6:30 a.m.!!)
and.....after surgery.

The poor guy looks scared to death. I'm sure in his mind he is thinking...I thought this was going to be fun???
But he did so good. And if I can brag just a little on this guy, the nurse said they have NEVER had such a good 5 year old that was so polite and handled the pain so well. The nurse would say, "you're doing so good Jack!" and he would weakly respond.."Thank you"

Jack did however enjoy the non-stop cartoons he got to watch.

And home again. William wants so badly to play with Jack....and Jack just looks at him.

Right now we are just trying to control the nausea. He has thrown up probably 12 times today. But who's counting? For sure it is from the anesthesia...but he's not able to keep his pain medicine down. So he is trying another medicine for the nausea...hopefully it will that will work.
Because I really don't want to have to put the medicine in the other end.


Sherri said...

Oh Jack, I forgot about your surgery today...glad it is over for you now. I'm sure your family will take good care of you.

Praying for quick healing. Did your mommy let you use the bell too? Love ya.

heather said...

Thanks Sherri, And yep! He has the bell and a dry errase board. I am at his beckon call.

bobbie said...

I remembered early this morning and then forgot also!!! What a brave boy!!! The things kids will do to see a few cartoons!! Love you lots Jack!! Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jack,
I thought of you all day today! I liked seeing your pictures! Even if you look sad and sick, you are a special little boy! I sent you something snail mail today and will send you something again tomorrow. I love you! Rosetta