Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lucky for us.....God is in the business of healing.

Ouch !
Monday of this week our little family was on a bike ride here in our sub-division. The kids all wanted to go down the "biggest hill." So we went up....and as we went down William got going too fast and had a bad accident. He just learned to ride without training wheels, and didn't realize how dangerous it can be when you get going too fast.
How horrid to pick him up off the ground and see so much blood. Blood on his shirt and blood all over his teeth. I wasn't sure if he even had front teeth when I first picked him, because of all the blood. He was shaking and so was I. He was 1/2 way down the hill when he crashed, So I carried him back up to a friends house and she came running outside when she heard him screaming/crying. She told us to come in, and was happy to get us rags and all that we needed to get him fixed up. We were trying to figure out if he needed stitches or not for his lip. He also tore his little flap just inside his upper lip. The poor little man. My friend Kristin suggested to wait and see how the skin heals together in one hour, and then make the decision to take him to the ER or not. Boy, was I thankful for a sound judgement call at that point. I was still shaking and emotional about seeing him in so much pain.
The bleeding had stopped within 20 minutes and by an hour he was doing better. We decided to stay at home. He sat on my lap and just cuddled. Later that night while he was sleeping he woke up crying in pain 3 times. Poor Guy!!

This little guy is amazing. The first thing he said to me when he woke up the next morning (Tuesday) is..."Mom, God healed me! I'm better!" Wow, what an example of an optimistic attitude he is. I know he still hurt. However he chose to smile, despite how hard it was with the bad swelling he had. He chose to be happy, despite his circumstance. I can learn so much from this little guy. He chooses joy everyday.

Today we were at the pool over on the Amish Highway, and I really do think the pool chemicals, sun, and play were healing for him. Thanks Cindy! I took these pictures when we got home. He looks so much better!
What's the worst accident you ever had to clean someone up from?

Quote of the day:

From William yesterday: "Does God heal teeth too?"


Sherri said...

What a scary moment for both you and William! And what a difference in the first and last pictures. I am constantly amazed at how God has made our skin to heal itself so miraculously.

When Kaiya was one, she carried a glass out to the garage...tripped, dropped the glass and landed on top of all that broken glass. So scary to see all the blood and my child in the middle of a pile of broken glass, but after we got her all cleaned up, there was only one cut on her finger.

krista said...

So glad he is doing better!

Kim said...

Jadyn was racing Christian on her scooter and her foot caught on the grass and it whipped her around, but her foot stayed put. I thought for sure her ankle was broken. She was white as a ghost, and when I tried cleaning her up it hurt her so bad that she turned green! It ended up only being a terrible sprain. The best part was she got to be a 5 year old on crutches! Let me tell you...she loved all that attention! Get better William.........

Holly said...

Thank you God for healing this little man so quickly! I am so thankful it wasn't any worse! He is such a little trooper! love ya

Jenn said...

How awful for William and mommy too!! Glad William is feeling better. Tell him that we're praying for Jesus to heal Kaelin's teeth.

The week of July 4th, she fell and hit her face on the tile twice. (Busted lip and tooth) Well, today we noticed that the tooth is turning brown. We're praying for healing for her and that it's nothing serious. Maybe you can ask William to pray for her too. :)