Monday, July 21, 2008

Got milk? Wish we did.

Thanks to Isabella and her 4H poster contribution we have free admission into the fair all week. Remember when I posted back in we got free passes? This years fair has made me feel more like I was at a circus than a county fair. Which is pretty cool to combine them. One of the free mini shows they have is a Tiger show. Pretty cool. The kids enjoyed all the facts the trainers told during the program.

There was also a "thrill show" which involved a little dog show, a trapeze artist, and other stunts by very talented people. Again free. The performer pictured here was amazing. She actually pulled herself up by the long pieces of fabric you see hanging. And then proceeded to twist and bend and hang by various limbs. Someone with that much strength is amazing to me. Then again I can hardly do a push up. And I am serious.

Fair food at it's finest. I love fair food! This year they added a roof top dining experience, Because of the fire that took out the previous building at the Relief sale last fall. Unlucky for us, there were no elevators for our stroller. But it was worth it to lug all fair paraphenalia up there. What a cool sight to be on the roof top. And to think we fed our family for $25. Gee what a bargain. Cough. Cough. Choke. Choke. That's with stopping at McDonald's before to feed the kids, and taking our own drinks. I need to find a way to get free passes for the food now. Geesh.

In case you are noticing that we are all in different clothes, let me assure you we do not take extra clothes along for different photo opportunities. I am obsessive about taking pictures, but not quite to that degree. Although with all the sweating I did last night, I would've loved a dry shirt. We were at the fair both Friday and Sunday.

We also got to watch cows being milked...which made me wish we would've brought our empty milk carton. Because we are out of milk again today. Did you know that a cow can give as much as 20 gallons a day? Way to go Bessy.

And then there were the rides....the blessed rides.And at $2.50/ride per child....we were thinking one ride per child. Yes, we are cheap. So the 3 youngest decided to ride the train. It seemed just right for Suzy, who seemed like she was way too little to go on any ride by herself...but was oh so very proud with her Miss America wave every time she passed us. The boys were a little less excited to say the least of the train ride. Sorry boys. And almost 8 year old sister decided she was "too big" to ride the train. That's all well and good. So we waited and waited in line for the bumper cars for sister bear. Except when she got to the front of the line, she decided maybe she didn't want to go on that ride after all. Really? Because we've only waited a 1/2 hour for this ride. And I totally don't mind waiting in another line. Most rides were 2 tickets, but most of those rides were geared towards the "younger" size of child. We figured that out after we purchased 2 tickets per child, where we waited in line for the tickets. So we went and purchased yet one more ticket, so Isabella could ride something a little more her age. So she ended up doing the "fun slide." And I am smiling in the picture above because I am truly very excited to get out of the kiddie land and ride area. And what did Isabella say as soon as she got off the slide ride? "Can we get cotton candy now?" We have some issues with thankfulness I tell you. This was after we had ice cream, donuts, and a deep fried twinkie.

So on the way home Donovan pulled out of his hat a story from his childhood. And I quote from Donovan: "When I was a little boy, do you wanna know how many times we went to the fair?"
Isabella & Jack: "How many times, daddy?"
Donovan: "Never. We didn't go. So you should be thankful you got to go, and on and on...."
It's kinda like the story about Grandma & Grandpa and how they had to walk uphill, 6 miles to school every day.


Holly said...

Looks like a blast! I can't wait to take Makayla on wed. Cute pics! Yes, it is hard for kids to actually realize how well they have it these days! They will one day learn and be just as appreciative as we are. Be patient! love ya

Mom of Double A said...

It was nice to meet you at the fair. I've been to your blog a few times through Kim's and when I saw you and your adorable little kids, I had to say "hello". Hope you didn't think I was a blog stalking-weirdo.
Have a great rest of the summer!

heather said...

Jill, I didn't think you were a blog stalker at all!!! I was glad you said Hi, and introduced yourself. I thought I had been to your blog through Kim's but I don't see a link now. Did you used to have a blog at some point?? Maybe it's just your name I remember seeing.

Thanks for saying hello last night. :)

Mom of Double A said...

I do have a blog...stop on over sometime.

Stacey said...

HI Heather! (Kim and Jill's friends) Looks like you all had fun at the fair! I miss going!!! I had to comment because we are ALWAYS out of milk and I have made the comment to Tommy more than once, "if we didn't live in the city, we would buy a cow!"

Kim said...

Oh Heather, you know how I feel about the fair, but can you believe I went today?

Jen Bontrager said...

Looks like our kids enjoyed the same things at the fair. My kids liked the airplanes the best.
We're out of milk too.

Cindy said...

Thanks for giving Ginger some lovin' at the fair! Sorry we missed you! Her *ahem* rear end is doing MUCH better ... thought you'd like to know! And Abbi got a 4th place ribbon tonight in Pole Bending. :)

Anonymous said...

I see Cindy is up late too! I'm still blogging and it's 12:50am!
I don't think we took our kids to the fair a lot when they were small (I never got to go) why should they have gone? just kidding! The pictures from the top of the building are awesome! The pool has been good for you this summer, nice tans ...looking good!
I'm one up on you....we used to have a cow and Mom would just go out in the yard and milk her and then we'd use the cream off the top and make butter! yum!
The fudge is great in Mackinac...just so you know...what kind do you like?

Sherri said...

What a fun week! I love fairs too!