Wednesday, July 23, 2008

birthday girl

Celebrating 8 years with Isabella Rose....

Hard to believe that 8 years have passed since we welcomed our very first child. From the time my water broke until my c-section was 56 hours! She took her time. I had been telling her a little of our birth experience in an "8 year old version" the last couple days. And telling her yep, I was still in the hospital and waiting for you to come. :)

Today was a fun day of celebrating. This morning we invited a sweet "grandma" from our church for breakfast. She is not our grandma, but we adopted her. Ida also had a birthday today and she turned 81. Ida is a pure gem, and it was so fun to have her join us this morning.

We also had another visitor this morning. (who I forgot to get a picture of) My cousin came down for a visit with sweet gifts for Isabella. Thanks Rosetta for thinking of Isabella and the visit we had.
And then we took off to my sisters house....This is the sign we saw when we drove up to her driveway.
The kids could hardly think about lunch...because after all they have a pool. Thanks Holly for making Isabella's day special & for lunch.
We had thought we would take Isabella to the fair for her birthday....but if you read my previous post you will understand why a change of plans was necessary. I asked Isabella, "how about we plan something else for tonight...since we've already been at the fair 2 times and plan to go to the rodeo on Friday night." She said, can we just go to the park for a picnic? Perfect! And for a fraction of the cost and stress here we are. What a great night to have a picnic.

And here is a video...that I have been spending way more time on than I should have. I contemplated not even putting it on the blog. There are some pictures that are duplicated. The song is way longer than the amount of pictures I have. It's just not the way I wanted it. The perfectionist in me would want to get it just right. But after spending hours on it, and still not having it come out right...I just want to be done. I need sleep. So here it is, as imperfect as it is.


Anonymous said...

imperfectly perfect, loved all the pix. what a beautiful daughter you were blessed w/!

happy 8th birthday isabella!

Kim said...

Haven't checked out the pics yet, but I am sure it is great! Hope her b-day was fab-u-loso! See you tomorrow at the pool!

Sharla said...

happy birthday Isabella!! its a great day to have a birthday =) (its mine too)

Holly said...

Imperfect!? I thought it was a great assortment of pictures! Great job! I REALLY liked your choice of songs! You are truly blessed! love ya sis!

Sherri said...

Heather, what a sweet video you made in honor of Isabella's 8th birthday! I LOVED all the pictures and loved thinking back to all the memories. I remember when you had Isabella so clearly...the excitement of your first and that she was a GIRL! The memories of your time at the Bed & Breakfast with her too. Aren't you glad you captured all those little moments on camera? Keep taking those pictures!

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

krista said...

That one picture I remember receiving in Nicaragua! What a memory. the one of her tracing the letter M. Wow...seems like a long time ago. Maybe you can send on of Suzy like that in a year or so. =)