Sunday, May 18, 2008

window lickers

this is why my windows are never clean.

but you know what? I really don't care. They make my life so sweet. They entertain us in so many ways. They make us laugh. They are the best kids ever.
Quote of the day......
From: Isabella
"you are the best cook in the world mama"
She melts my heart.


Sherri said...

Isabella knows what she's talking are a great cook! Sweet kiddos!

Jenn said...

Ha Ha It's not just your kids that like to lick windows. Reece and Kaelin think it's so much fun too. We always have smeared and streaked window too. When Reece licks them after I've cleaned, he makes the funniest face. I guess he doesn't like the taste of windex. :)

Anonymous said...

those pictures are the funniest!

Holly said...

You have the sweetest kids! All 4 of them are so precious! That was so sweet of Isabella to say that to you! Of course, it is 100% true! Love ya