Monday, May 26, 2008

hope your weekend rocked!

Happy Memorial Day!

This weekend flew a hurry. Thought you'd like to see a re-cap....

Friday night was our family night. As in we were too lazy to do anything more than take a bike ride around the block. Here Donovan is sporting my Mother's day gift he bought me, with William's birthday present hitched up to it. Wow, How nice are we to let these people ride it???

Saturday was mama's day out. Sweet Kimberly Ann asked me if I would like to go to Ikea with her....And so we took off Saturday morning. We had some quality talk time all the way there and back. How fun to have a good friend to connect with, with NO interruptions. I had a blast. My favorite bargain of the day was a brand new bra I got at Gap for $3.95! We enjoyed a nice light lunch at the cafe at Ikea, then supper at Qdoba.

Added Bonus: I didn't have to cook at all Saturday.

Sunday was a day of firsts for us....We started a new church. Which went well. We weren't able to go to Sunday School, because we weren't sure if Jack could keep his cookies down long enough.

Since he had been tossing them all night and into the wee hours of the morning Sunday a.m. He was running a fever, and had ear ache. But by 9 a.m. he seemed to be doing better...and we just went for the worship service. We were a little nervous about the previous tossing and contemplated taking a bucket into the service with us....but decided it might seem a little strange. They never would forget the visitors that brought the bucket would they? Thankfully all stayed down. And by lunch he seemed almost back to normal.

We enjoyed a nice afternoon of lunch on the patio. And then running around in sprinklers...and splashing around. That evening we visited my parents and they fed us. Which was really nice that I did not have to cook again. :)

This morning we went to a parade in town.

And this afternoon we went to my Aunt Mary Jane's house for a cookout. We took the 3 oldest kids on a canoe ride. The best part is they didn't tip it. Here is a picture of my Aunt Mary Jane and my cousin Cheryl.

Mary Jane is my aunt...

and she is Cheryl's Grandma.

It was fun to catch up with you today Cheryl!

Here is a picture of me with my cousin Cathy and her son Isaiah. We were pregnant with these little people 8 years ago. Back then Cathy's mom took a picture by this same fence of us pregnant and so she thought it would be good to do another picture 8 years later. Our kids are 2 weeks apart. Cathy is a total crack-up and always keeps things interesting!!!

The men were playing "corn hole" or "Texas horseshoes" depending on where you live-and what you call it. William esp. was really studying his daddy and how it was played. Here is really practicing his form. Way to go stud.

What a fun and relaxing weekend! And cool...we had a cook-out the men did most of the cooking. :) Do we really have to let the little people go back to school?? Do we really have to let the big people go to work??? Sad. Sad. But fun to have a holiday. Hope your weekend was full of fun!!

Quote for the day is from Jack:

After my cousin & his wife took off with the kayak's tonight, Jack says....

"when those humans come back that guy said he will take me for a ride in that boat."


Anonymous said...

the quote's hilarious! =D

i miss 'maybury'! it's just such a perfect town.

Sherri said...

Looks like a really fun weekend, Heather. Glad Jack made it through the church service ok. :)

What a great Mother's Day present!

Kim said...

What a fun weekend Heather! Quote of the day on Saturday...."The hit a worker sign?" :)

Cindy said...

Can you really bake me like 10 cakes by Friday??? Just kidding, I've got everything under control!

Anonymous said...

Good quote from Jack! At least he sees them as humans and not aliens!

Holly said...

Wow! What an exciting weekend! Awesome pics! Once again, awesome memories for everyone! Love ya