Friday, May 16, 2008

Precious memories of jack

Little Kindergartener stud.....

had his spring program last night. It was so fun to see his excitement of being in his first school program. Something he has watched his sister do for 3 he was doing. And you could tell he was likin' the attention!

Here is Jack with the best Kindergarten teacher there ever was.

And then there was today. Our town was having our annual town-wide garage sale. So I took some of the cash I made on my sale last week...and headed out 1st thing this morning. And when I say 1st thing....I mean no messin' around first thing. Because of course there are serious bargains to be had, and I can not risk things like this. So I pulled all the sweet sleeping children out of bed at 7 a.m., packed breakfast to go (seriously-why would we waste precious time eating?? I do mean business I tell you) and I got everyone dressed and loaded in the car. If you know me-you know this garage sale stuff is obviously very important to me....because never, I mean never do I wake small children or myself unless absolutely very necessary. We dropped Isabella off at school-and hit the town. Oh precious memories, My heart still skips a beat when I think about all the great deals I got today.

Really does it look like junk to you? Well then you are NOT a garage sale connisuer are you? Because the above picture is seriously good loot. Seriously GOOD! Take for instance the tall glass vases in the above picture. I have had my eye on them in the Pottery Barn magazine for quite some time. They are very tall and very expensive. Ranging from $36-$89. So now take a look if you will of how very cool they look on my foyer table.

Can you even fathom that I paid a total of $2 for each vase. The river rocks came with the vase on the right, and the flowers were in a separate section, but at the same garage sale. The sweet lady running her sale.....gave me the flowers. I do absolutely love free. I do absolutely love garage sales!

Some other favorite bargains of the day were.....

a Tupperware storage container for cereal $1.50

several gap dress pants $2 each

gap jeans $2

old navy sweater X 2 $2/each

2 large pottery barn black storage baskets $2/each

one pair of gap chinos with tags still attached!! $2

2 candle stands that hold votives $1/each

1 old navy sweatsuit for Suzy $2

2 pairs of jeans for Suzy $1

one pair of old navy jeans for Isabella $2

3 shirts for Isabella each $1

Books for the kids .15/each

a cool looking wooden drying rack for dishes $1

hungry hippo game for children $1

a small amount of toys for children-because how can you take 3 children for 3 hours and not allow them any pleasure?

a carter's onesie in the package-perfect for a baby gift .25

2 pair of shorts & one pair of Capri's for Suzy

1 cordless phone with 2 handsets, built in answering machine, 5.8 GHz (which Donovan tells me is good) for $5

a Ralph Lauren beach hat for Suzy....$1

I really could go on and on...but I'm afraid you will add up how much I spent and report me for garage sale addiction problems. I know I have a problem when it comes to a good deal. I will save you the call. My husband was very excited about the deals, and that I only used cash we had set aside for this very special and dear to my heart day.

It was a very good thing that I had promised Isabella a lunch date today....because after only 6 garage sales I was running very low on cash. I needed to hang up the saddle.

Can you see I am glowing? Is that from seeing my sweet daughter at school? I'll be honest with you ladies.......Heck no- I'm still glowing from all those great bargains!!!
Why does Suzy look so dazed and utterly tired....It might possibly be from being dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn, and then going to sales for the next 3 hours. Yes, she loved it. No, the crying really didn't bother me. No, I really did like carrying her most of the time. It was truly a bonding time for us, and of course the boys added to the joy of bargain hunting. Because they can find treasures in less than 3 seconds, and beg with the best of toddlers. So after lunch we headed home and starting putting things away. Donovan got home early. JOY JOY JOY. Having him home early makes for a happy heart. And I really wanted permission to go outside the allotted garage sale budget and I needed him to see what in my book is an emergency purchase, that should come out of our emergency fund. Because at any moment the garage sale 3 doors down that had this really awesome red Pottery Barn couch could be snatched up by another savvy customer. I have really wanted to upgrade our couch that is in our basement. And my neighbor had this couch for $150...but because she is so cool she would let me have it for $100. So sweet husband went down, checked it out, and decided it was a good idea. We immediately loaded it into the van and took it down to the basement, loaded the old couch up, and took it to our other neighbors to sell on her garage sale. A different neighbor than I had just bought the couch from. The neighbor (let's just call her Amee) decided that our couch would be an excellent upgrade to her country blue couch she has been hating for several years now. So she bought our couch. And we brought the country blue beast (fully loaded with a pull out bed) out to put on the sale. Blue beauty sold within 5 minutes. One slight problem was that Amee's husband did not know she was selling the blue beauty and he was due home at any minute from work. While loading blue beauty....OH SNAP! Amee's husband drives up. He was not real happy. Hopefully he has recovered by this evening.

So after the exciting couch exchange....we cleaned up and went out for Pizza, Pop, and icecream cones. All that bargain hunting really wore me out.

Quote of the day:

While applying foundation to pimples, Jack asks me what is that and what is it for?

I tell him....and he reply's.....

Now for the quote:

"You sure had a lot of pimples when your hair was short and black. " (He has seen pictures of me at this stage-he doesn't actually remember)

And I reply...."it was all your fault little man. When my hair was DARK BROWN and short you had just been born. It was you who screwed up all my hormones and made me look like I was just at the height of puberty again. It was you who kept me up at all hours of the night....making me crazy trying to figure out how to get you back to sleep. It was all your fault I lost so much sleep that put my complexion into serious danger mode. But thank you for bringing the pimples up, and remembering that precious time when you were a newborn"

O.k. so I didn't say any of the above to Jack...but I thought it.


Holly said...

WOW! What a bunch of great bargains you found! I sure wish I knew about all those garage sales too! ;O) Although, you know you would've had some pretty hard competion going on! You know that is worth taking a vacation day to go to some awesome garage sales. That is ok though, at least you found alot of great deals! I am happy for you! I am so glad Jacks' program went well! He is such a little man! Very cute picture of Suzy & William! That is great you got to see Isabella for lunch too! Love ya

Nicole said...

Man, I love a good garage sale! I cannot believe all the deals you found! Man to bad it is 2:30 on saturday and I am flat out of time to go :) Sherrie will have to tell you when some of Fort Waynes are next year especially an addition called Arlington Park. Every other house in their has a garage sale! It would be well worth the $50 you would have to spend in gas :)

Anonymous said...

wooooohh! that's a lot of energy!! lol! very well written. glad you found your bargains, wondering where the picture of the new couch was?

brianna was reading w/ me and saw pictures of isabella whom she knows is very close in age to her. she asked when will she get to meet her...she has no idea. =) maybe i'll have to show her those cute baby pictures again.

congrats jack ol boy!

Cindy said...

Boy am I glad I'm done having babies ... I'd probably end up receiving that onesie as a gift from you! :)

Sherri said...

How exciting, Heather! I love a good deal! I found a pair of shoes for Kaiya for 10 cents a couple weeks ago and she has gotten more compliments on those than anything else she has in her closet...makes me smile everytime! :)

Anonymous said...