Saturday, May 10, 2008

little people who sit & man their throne, while I do all the hard work.

Taken just before we left for a mother/daughter banquet this morning. Pure sweetness. Too bad sweetness had to wet her panties in that cute little dress about an hour and 1/2 later.
Meanwhile back at the home front....Donovan was keeping the cash flowing in at our garage sale. And even roped the boys into trying to bring in a little extra, with a lemonade stand. They sold a total of 3 cups. Which really put our profits right over the roof.
After we recovered with a little nap we were off for a night on the town with my parents to celebrate Mothers day.

Betcha can't guess where I chose to eat????

Of course you might think of us insane to go anywhere with 4 kids for a sit down dinner. We were thinking that about 30 minutes after we sat down to eat. That was after 1 hour of sitting in the car to get to Carrabba's in Portage, and 40 minutes of waiting to be seated. (thankfully the weather was nice to be outdoors.) In the above picture we are still laughing at them thinking they are cute. They definitely kept us entertained...that is for sure. Because otherwise what we would really do?? Actually have an uninterrupted conversation with my parents or something??

But in all seriousness the wait for my dinner was worth every single minute.

The group. My step-mom, Khankeo and sister-Michele.
My baby sister....Michele. Who turned 16 last September.

Quote of the day: Actually was said on Friday by William.

I had asked William to help carry the groceries in after coming back from town. He then reported he had to go "potty" Perfect timing William. So after about 15 minutes I go in to the bathroom to see what is going on. He is sitting on the pot & the quote is.......................

"I'm waiting so you can do it all by yourself. I don't want to bring the food in."


Cottonista said...

Happy Mother's Day! Glad you got to start celebrating early.

Sweetness Helen wet her pants at our Mother's Day Tea too. She flooded her diaper while Aunt Mary Jane was holding her. ( :

Jenn said...

Happy Mother's Day Heather (a day late). Hope your day was deserve it! You're a wonderful mother and I admire your patience and wisdom. (That's why I always ask for advice) :)

Anonymous said...

I love how honest kids are! They always make me laugh and thank goodness for that because otherwise there would be days mothers would just completely lose it! Hope you had a happy Mother's Day.

Holly said...

Great pics of the night out with the parents! I'm glad you had fun! love ya

Sherri said...

Hope your Mother's Day was special, are such a great mom and example of what a mother should be!

Love the little quotes you've been including from William. What a funny little man he is!

Anonymous said...

ooooh heather where are you? =) was the garage sale a success?

absolutely love all your quotes also! michele is beautiful! loren said she's a chatterbox-she looks so quiet and shy...