Tuesday, May 6, 2008

open your mouth

So- long time...no post. I have good reasons. This nice weather for one. Who can be inside with 78 degrees goin' on outside? Lovin' the weather. Lovin' having Donovan home. My 2nd reason is I've been getting ready for a garage sale. When the sun goes down and I have to go inside....I've been cleaning, organizing, and pricing. I love getting rid of things we are not using....and de-cluttering.

So tonight while I was working on folding some laundry, trying to teach Jack how to fold....he kept singing this little song. A song that Donovan made up to sing to Suzy while feeding her when she's lost interest in the main dish. Mainly when the dessert comes out...and Suzy sees something she'd rather have. I thought you might enjoy hearing the song. Jack did it on video for me. Do you recognize the tune?

Quote of the day: William asks Jack, "Why are you going to school all day?"

Jack replies, "Dude, Because I gotta lot of stuff to do."


Sherri said...

Cute song. Kevin grew up with his Mom making up little songs for everything, so we have done the same here. Makes the little tasks a little more entertaining. :)

Good luck on the garage sale! Man I wish I lived closer!

Jennifer said...

Oh, that's adorable! I've never thought to sing them to the tune of praise/worship songs; mine are way too hokey!
Very sweet!

Holly said...

Way too cute! Jack is so cool! I just love how your family operates! Love ya

Jenn said...

So funny...Kaelin loves to watch it too!

Anonymous said...

had this all typed and ready to send then found out my email server is kapui! sorry, it's kind of a long comment.

i saw myself driving to middlebury this morn after dropping the school children off to make sure i get first choice on the boy clothes...then late last nite i found out my fl company was getting here today instead of saturday. wish i lived closer! i'd be there already. = ) i was out at the factory outlets in freemont yesterday, but purposely didn't look to hard for clothes for the little guy because i was sure i was going to find somethings at your garage sale... = ) lando's wearing sz 4, maybe you didn't even have very many items in that size anyway. i was thinking william was older but really they're pretty close in age right? we were both pg when you were in fl that last yr you all came out (while we still lived there). lando's b-day is 3/28 and if i remember right, you posted williams b-day recently... oh well. if you end up having a lot of boy clothes sz4 left let me know, maybe i'll make it saturday.

the children's place in freemont outlets have some good sales right now on girl's clothing. they have 3 racks w/ 99cent items. the items are somewhat limited but i found a few cute skirts and tops on those racks. then they also have 3-5 racks w/ really cute tops for $2-4 .

i was bummed when i saw the prices for the picture packages. maybe i'll be able to purchase a few proofs at least. tues is pick up day-yeah!