Thursday, October 11, 2012

the money pit...otherwise known as the completed basement

Last winter Donovan started framing our basement.  Our objective was to have an area for the kids to run and play, watch movies with friends or play the wii.  The main living room was all that we are planning on doing for now.....possibly adding 2 bedrooms, an exercise room and bathroom someday much later down the road.  Evenings and weekends he put up a couple walls here and a couple walls there.....
Then he put up some drywall & before I knew it he had the mudding & sanding done and I was ready with paint, like the very day that he was done with the sanding, I had the paint bucket and brush ready.  Patient?  Yes, very much so. 
Here is the 1st coat of paint completed.
In February when the painting was complete, he put in a small section of wood floor for a future kitchenette.  (do you like the dust particles my camera picked up??)

And after a pinterest inspiration....we decided to go with some "car siding" for a picture wall. 

 And here it is today.  Completed!  Ahhhhhh carpet, lights, walls, the whole kit and caboodle.  Well, except for some cabinet doors.

The view from coming down the steps. 

The picture wall.
Some new prints but some oldies & goodies too.
This super long wall needed while in Florida last spring break I picked up this explore wall art.  Would love to figure something besides an old coffee table and legos to underneath it....maybe someday when we recover from all the $1000's of dollars we already put into finishing it.
A pinterest -- pin it & do it -- done.  boom. winning.  project.
That was super easy and cheap~that I'll blog about another day.

Another view.
Built in shelves on either side of behind the couch.  Not too shabby for his 2nd go at it. :) It was so great to unpack books and scrapbooks that have been stored away for almost 3 years.   

 On one of the shelves of the built in's....I am starting a sand collection of beaches we've been to.  Now if I could only remember to take containers of sand home with me from some of these beautiful places we've been to!!
And the built ins that are awaiting another $200-$250 worth of wood for doors and hardware. 

The view from the couch....looking towards the stairs {that is behind the wall on the right.}  And if you are ever confused about how to get out of the basement...Donovan installed an "exit" sign to help you.  A find from the Re-Store.  $10 well spent??? That's debatable. 
The floor that will someday hold a canning stove, frig, and small sink.  Until then Barbie and her friends live there. 

What a valuable space this has been.  We love it...even though none of the rooms surrounding this room are finished....this has been a great space to use. 


bobbie said...

I LOVE IT!!!! All of it!!!! Even the Barbie space!!!! I love that both your and D's talents are displayed here!!!! I can't wait till I get to see it in person!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Jewel said...

Wow, that basement looks amazing!

Cottonista said...

Love it! Now you can come and engineer our basement remodel.

Anonymous said...
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