Saturday, April 17, 2010

suzy Q

At this point some of you are wondering if Suzy is my favorite, or others may be wondering if I gave the other 3 children away. Neither is the case. I just have so many photo opportunities with only one at home, while the other little bunnies are off to school.

And lets face it the girl loves to have her picture taken. So I just have to say...little Suzanna Faye had a tad bit of adjusting to do after vacation. She was so used to having all her little playmates around, swimming, snacking at all moments of the day and basically living the dream. All good things must come to an end and we must come back from vacation and get back to normal. What ever that is. It changes every day...doesn't it? But this week I was kicking it into gear with ending the 20 hour movie marathons. And pretty much a huge decline in the TV viewing options.

Little lady had a little adjustment. O.k. huge. She was "bored". "Can't we have a friend over? Can't I go somewhere? What are we doing today mom?" Well friend, "we are cleaning, laundry, napping, and making supper." Didn't seem to sit really easy with her. We had some come to Jesus meetings. We wept. Well she did. And after a few days...we were back in business. Well that is until they had no school on Friday because of parent/teacher conferences. Why do that have to do that???

But here is a little moment when little miss remembered how play well by herself. Reverting back to her ol' self. She was going through all my drawers/cupboards and taking an inventory verbally and then "writing" it down scribble by scribble. Love when she gets in her zone and uses her imagination. Love you Suzy Q!!


My Life said...

Suzy is such a cutie!! Tell me about getting kids to do anything but watch in our house "DORA". It is great for teaching them things, but 8 hours a day may be a bit much. HA HA. So Heather Miss Creative we need to put our heads together and figure out some creative ideas for the upcoming summer and for the kids a home to do. So what do we get them to do? Any ideas send them my way. Meanwhile keep taking pics they are so precious.!! I really need to catch up on my blog...soon very soon.

Love your blog!!

cheryl said...

Sometimes by the time the youngest comes along, the parents don't have much time for photos. She'll appreciated having them when she's older. And she's cute:)

wanita said...

lol love it! she really is a treat!

Mary said...

Taking inventory! That's awesome. Love it.

I always have to make adjustments after vacation too.

sherri said...

so did she learn how to take inventory from her mama? too cute and very creative. :)

RosyRose said...

Love your little Suzy Q~~

She is a little Helper! And the sweetest little cupcake!
She must get all that from her lovely mommy!!!
Love you!