Saturday, April 24, 2010


Last Sunday we celebrated some birthday's in our family at my aunt and uncles.
My aunts lunches are always divine, and we basked in the sun for the afternoon taking in the warmth and watching the kids play. One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

And then last Wednesday we met my parents and sister at Mc D's to celebrate William and my niece's birthday's that are just 3 days apart.

Yes...they spoiled him. Look at all that cash! Gesh, I'm gonna be gettin' loans from him this week.

If there is one thing I "caught" from my mom growing how to celebrate birthdays. One of my best memories is how she used to celebrate us, putting candles in our pancakes for breakfast...letting us pick what we wanted for things like that.
Something I'm trying to pass along to my kids.
This was the first time we celebrated a child's birthday and sent him off to school. Isabella & Jack both have summer birthdays. So it was a busy morning~but I did some things the night before (I don't want to have to get up to early people) and we made his choice of breakfast sausage, pancakes, & strawberries. Yummy.

And just enough time for opening a gift as big as him. Wanna know what it was????

Something he learned to enjoy in Florida. :)

And if you are into may have seen from one of my status' that Mr. William had made an announcement last week in his class. He came home on Monday and told us, "Mom & Dad~today I made an announcement in class and invited all the kids in my class to my party." Uhhhh....William we are not having a party. Sorry pal. Nice idea. But no.

So I told him in a nice and gentle motherly way...Sorry not this year honey. You'll have to make another announcement. So the next morning was my regular time to come in to the class for my 1/2 hour volunteer time. And one of the kids in his class came up to me and asked what time the party is? William's credit he had only been at school 30 min. so maybe he hadn't had an opportunity to make the announcement. So...mama stepped up to the plate to clear things up. The poor poor thing. Hid his face in my shirt and had shed a few tears. He was crushed, and a little embarrassed. But he quickly recovered and the above picture is 2 days later on his birth DAY. I took in a snack and he was in high spirits. He was dancing in his chair while his class sang Happy Birthday to him. I've never seen him so elated, or so goofy. The more the kids laughed at his excitement the more goofy he got.

That day after school Grandma Elsie picked him from school and brought him home just in time for a cookout on the patio. An impromptu party with a little family, cake and ice cream.

Enjoying some presents.

After it cooled off outside and some of the family had to leave....we came inside and William put on a dance party for Uncle Wes, Aunt Joann and their kids. Have never seen him so hyped up in front of company. He had some awesome moves and we all laughed so hard to watch him groove it. Loved it. Love that 6 year old and all the ways he makes us smile.

Now gearing up for Donovan's turning 36 tomorrow. :) :) Off to make a cheesecake....

Leave me a comment...tell me how you celebrate birthdays in your family.

quote of the day:

Suzy: (talking to William) "do you want to give mommy breakfast in her bed for mother (modders) day?
William: "no, not this year."

(Must be the whole friend party thing~resentment coming out)

another one....
Isabella: "Please, please save me some chocolate ice cream for me??"
Donovan: "Sorry you can have one bite, but the guy who works the hardest gets the rest"
Jack: "Well God worked 7 days making this He should get it all."


Bobbie said...

Love all the pictures and ideas of celebrating b-days!!! I can't believe William has gotten soooo big!!! He is such a cutie!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet husband too!!!

Mary said...

Wow...that's a lot of celebrating. My mom always made us a cake in the shape of the number of our birthday. I've tried to keep that tradition in my own way. Usually I'll use sprinkles to outline the number, sort of like you would use glitter. Each boy is different and appreciates different things so birthdays have been quite varied around here. I think they all enjoyed Ivan's train ride the most last November.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of inviting the whole class for a party at YOUR house! What a great idea and just think of all the memories that would have made! What a mean MOM! LOL That is so great that he thought of that....wasn't it??? He is so hilarious!
I love reading your blog and chuckling at all the cute things that your kiddos say! It's a reflection of the fun times & interactions they have with the parents! Good job you two love-birds!

Sherri said...

Sweet, sweet celebrations! I love celebrating birthdays as much as you do!