Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So thankful for this guy. Thankful for how he loves me and our kids. Thankful for his determination to follow a project to the end. I easily get discouraged or overwhelmed (as in painting the whole house-during our construction process) And he cheer leads until it's done.
Thankful for how he loves to improve all around him. Thankful for his determination to finish putting the the landscaping mulch on the back of the house last night...even after it was dark and he could hardly see.
And funny how he came in after it was totally dark and he wished our outdoor lighting was completed outside so he could finish the side of the house.

Thankful for how he is the one to usually bath the kids, & tuck them into bed. Giving me a break.

Loving the banter that he has with our oldest...making sure she knows she has her daddy's affection.

Love how he can turn a heavy hearted situation in to a lighter load to carry.

Love how he teaches our boys how to be little men. Teaching them baseball right now...working with them, teaching them to be a team member.

Thankful for how he praises my cooking & baking~offering excitement & encouragement for even a very simple & boring meal....showing our boys how to adore a simple act of love such as cooking. I'm hoping they are "catching" this for when they have wives someday.

Thankful for how he cleans up my mess in the kitchen while I cook. So love having him to work beside...doing the part I don't like (the dishes.)

Thankful for the last 14 years I've known him...because he's made my life so much fun.

Happy 36th Birthday Donovan.
You make my life so full.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Wonderful Man! If he does all those things for you, what do you do? Just kidding! You are a wonderful Mommy and I enjoy reading all about your daily adventures! You have created some wonderful memories for your kids! I love how you let them help you and the patience that takes! I know...cause I didn't do that so often. I just wanted to do it by myself cause I could do it faster! :)

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday, Don! Sweet post, Heather. :)

DG said...

Wow! It sounds like I've raised the bar pretty high for myself. Thanks Babe for making up all those nice things about me. I love you!

Rosetta said...

OK, my turn~I give my accolades to Donovan for the many times he has taken over with the kids or whatever work needed to be done so Heather and I could continue talking. I also appreciated his expertise when I needed financial advice and/or encouragement in a situation a few years ago.
I appreciate how he seems to know when to make a 'heavy' moment 'lighter' (if that makes sense?!) He may laugh at my stupidity later, but never makes me feel dumb in the moment.
this was an excellent post, Heather-you said it well~I just wanted to add my appreciation as well.
Happy Birthday, Donovan~if you didn't get it today-there's a card in the mail.

Jewel said...

Happy Birthday, Donovan!

wanita said...

you are blessed my dear! your words celebrate it!!! ♥

happy 36th birthday dono!

Mary said...

Love this. Too many times I hear how bad it is. So glad the happy, the healthy and the good is still going strong with you and your Donovan. Keep celebrating that good husband you have. Happy Birthday Donovan.

RosyRose said...

Happy birthday once again big D!!! Love you guys!

Cindy said...

If I make my brain work really hard, I think I can remember when he was born! :)

Hope your day was happy!