Monday, April 12, 2010

made in Indiana

So one more post about you mind? I'm still smiling just thinking about being warm and all free time in the world we had......

We took a short drive over from our condo to Marina Jack area. Is that correct Florida family...or is it called something else??

Lot's of fun things to see...such awesome views...all for free.

Also a little splash pad, we love to visit when we are there.

It was a little windy...but the kids didn't seem to mind.

This picture is for my cousin Wilma. Now do you believe me....wind + curly hair= mess. Told you!

On Friday we took a break from the beach & pool to go to the outlet mall. We also found some cool handmade shark tooth necklaces for the boys. Maybe a shirt or 2 for mama.

Friday night...Andy & Danielle hired a babysitter for their kids and ours and we headed over to Tampa for some Cheesecake Factory Action.
Oh my goodness....DELISH!

We heard good reports from the babysitter....and it was nice our kids play together so easily. Not sure about William here....but he's workin' it.
Two of our mornings last week I took the 2 oldest and we went for a morning walk. So cool to be with these 2 kids. They kept up well, and it was some good conversations with them. Loved how Jack actually wanted to hold my hand.

LOVE barefoot walks on the beach~! But watch out.....
Saturday morning we saw a live jellyfish. So cool.

A baby crab.
On Saturday we had a cousin's get together at the beach. Pack your own lunch and come time. SO fun to hang out with them again.

Here are the chillins ~Just chillin pool side with some pops.

The awesome view from our room, rocked so MUCH!!

Jack goofing around.
Pretty cool the condo had 2 different grill areas we could use.

As I was setting up this photo op and they were looking out at the ocean....guess what we saw???
Dolphins! Can you see the fin up in the above picture?? We walked down the beach following them for a while. It was so fun for the kids!

Quote of the day:
William: while looking at his Mexican-born stuffed animal - "dad was I made in Mexico?"

Dad: "nope you were made in IN"

Thank goodness the conversation ended there.


Mary said...

Beautiful pictures. I love vacations...thanks for taking us on yours with you.

I am looking forward to weeks like that away from home when our kids are a little older and can appreciate the sites and scenery a little more. You are blessed.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad the weather was so nice during spring break! It looks like you had a wonderful time with family & friends! Love the pictures! xoxo

Jessi said...

awww..what sweet pictures!! I love family vacations...thanks for sharing.

sherri said...

LOVED seeing all the photos and reading about your fabulous vacation in the sunny south!

What a treat to see you on the beach while we were there! :)

Jenna said...

Hi Heather! I scrapped last weekend with some ladies from your church and I told them that I blog stalk you :) They said I should leave a comment because you love them. I have a question. In the one picture at the cheesecake factory is the girl in the gray and beige dress named Jessica? She looks like a girl I graduated with from Northridge :)