Friday, September 4, 2009

git-r-done little buddy git-r-done

If you're already sick of construction pictures please fast forward this post by 5 pictures. Sorry, but it's the biggest thing going on right now in our lives and we are totally giddy about it. Somehow my 7 year old turned into a gangster...or whatever that pose is in the above picture. It cracks me up.
This is the some day to be a driveway in the above picture.

Here is an overview of the setting. Donovan estimates that we cleared about 250 or so trees. I was so worried that it would lose the feeling of being in a woods after we started burning that enormous pile of trees. But after all the clearing is done to make room for the house and septic...there is still lots of trees for our monkeys to play in.
Future office in the basement window.

So fun for them to tromp around in the tunnels and dirt.
It's amazing. Just an amazing process!
This little girl started a story time at our local library on Wednesday. Embarrassing as it is this blogger friend did not have my camera. But here she poses for you after we get back. With her movie.
Suzanna is entering the silly face phase. She has such a sweet smile..but oh so hard to capture when I pull out the camera.
So library time...surprised me. I took Suzanna for the first time and she went. She was so shy going by herself. When Isabella and Jack were little I neverrrr went. It seemed so very exhausting to lug the diapers, wipes, nursing pads, blankets, extra change of clothes, car seat, and everything else that stage requires. That was that season. Last fall some friends along with William, Suzy and I went every week. I loved it. I was in a new season of mom-hood. I had 2 in school and didn't need diapers, etc. Thankfully everyone was done nursing as well. But the rule is you have to be Suzy didn't qualify. Now this fall she does. So crazy this little one can trot off by herself for 30 minutes and be in story time.

And yesterday.....

A family tradition....sweet talking all the grandmas into helping with all my work. I think this is the 8th year in a row for these grandma's helping me make sauce.

How fun to spend a day together working. 4 bushels would've taken me all week to complete by myself.

Suzy's attempt at taking a picture.

Another attempt by the 3 year old.

The finished product...almost too hot to eat.
The git-r-done crew! Amazing all the apples were washed and cut up my noon!!! We've got some awesome grandparents I tell you!!!
My tally for the day? 88 quarts!

quote of the day:
Yesterday while I was doing my hair & getting ready.....
Suzy: "Daddy can you just take me to Grandmas? Mom takes to long to get ready."


Holly said...

I love Suzy's little comment! You guys are really making progress on the house. WOW! Git-R-Done little buddy! Great pictures! It looks like you all had a blast canning! You shuld have come over & got me! Oh yeah, wait~I work unike someone I know! HeeHee!

Jen Bontrager said...

Love the construction photos! When we were building, I was always amazed at what all you have to think about before you actually do the work! We'd love to meet you out there for a picnic sometime.

Amber said...

Your construction pics remind me so much of my kids about a year ago! Keep showing us those pictures, I love them! And we have got to get Suzy and Addison together again. Addison keeps talking about Suzy and her playing.

Amber said...

By the way, that comment from Amber was actually from me (Kim) on Amber's laptop. Sorry!

RosyRose said...

I am so happy for you git r done buddy!!! It looks like so much fun...of course there's lots of work but the anticipation of the end is well worth it! Keep posting pics:)!

krista said...

Heather, love the first picture...profile pic...of your family. It still gits me that you are holding your baby and your kids are growing up. I am sure it is fun! Great to see the progress on the house. Sounds like Lyndon may be coming back with us afterall...=) We'll see. Can't wait to see you soon.