Monday, September 21, 2009

who loves to camp?

I do!
Our church had their annual camp out this weekend. We had perfect pre-fall weather for being outside. I think we had about 150 or so there. Last year we had only been attending Siloam for about 2 months, when we went to the camp out. It was a great way to get to know your church family. This year was just as much fun. Learning to know people in a new way.

Uncle Sam & Uncle Dave

This was Saturday morning brunch. MMMMmmmmmmm.....eggs, ham, bacon, hashbrowns, rolls, toast, fresh fruit & juice and coffee.

Suzy had finally warmed up to Carla..after being in small group together for over a year. It was fun to see them enjoy each other.
Ahhh...Suzy and her friends Claire and Allison. So very fun to watch these girls trot around together. Suzy would wake up from her nap the following day and ask, "Where are my little friends?" Although she had lots to pick from...I caught these 3 together the most.
I loved listening to their 3 year old conversations. "Do you want to come in my camper?"

There were also some organized games for the kids and adults.

Noah hangin' with the girls.

Isabella with her cousin Shalie.
Such creative people I go to church with! Isn't this a fun game of fishing?

And a water balloon toss.

In the evenings Donovan's aunt and uncle would pop corn over the fire in a huge copper kettle. It was a highlight to watch and eat. Jack got to pass some out.
Friday evening dinner and Sunday morning breakfast was on your own. The rest of the other meals we shared as a church. It was such a well orchestrated event. Such great coordinators and so much fun. Loved it! Here we are just before our outdoor church service sharing breakfast in our borrowed camper. Loved the camper. Wish I would've got more batteries went out just after this picture was taken. Some friends of ours let us borrow their Jayco camper complete with 4 BUNKS in the back and a queen bed for me and the hubby! It was so awesome!

After breakfast Sunday morning there was a neat baptismal service down in the lake, and 5 got baptized. It was a really neat and touching service. So cool to be outdoors and be able to enjoy such a beautiful morning. Then we shared a carry in lunch of make your own sub-sandwiches. Would have loved if it could have lasted one more day.

Thanks so much for all the great tips on siding colors! I'm pretty sure my blog has never seen so many comments on one post. You make me happy. I love all the feedback. I'm pretty sure we've got it "nailed down" on the siding color....and I will let you know by the end of the week.


Holly said...

I'm glad you guys a fabulous weekend! Great pictures!

Kim said...

Looks like a great time Heather!

Jewel said...

I love to camp also! We did our last camping trip for the year 2 weekends ago!

Jen Bontrager said...

I'm so glad you come to our church. Love ya!

cheryl said...

Ah, Amigo! I love that place. It feels like it was my back yard growing up. Oh, wait. It was:) Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the campout, but I'm soooo happy you loved the Jayco camper! It looks like a great time! I can't imagine the organization that would go into preparing all the compliments to the coordinators of the campout!

sherri said...

150?? WOW!!! That is awesome and sounds like a hoot! I miss going camping...maybe next year when Luca is older. :)

I love Fall!!!

Stacey said...

What a great way to celebrate the end of summer! Love the pictures!