Monday, September 28, 2009

Some pictures Jack took on Saturday......
There were some trees that were blocking the view when we sat on our front on Saturday we went over for a little mini work day. I took along a lunch and for the first time we had a meal in our new kitchen.

I set up some saw horses and a piece of plywood for the table top and threw an old sleeping bag over the top for a table cloth. This is the same spot our kitchen table will someday go. I admit it was a little hard to even leave that day. I just wanted to move in. Patience is not my best virtue.

I love the view out the back windows. I love watching the kids play on the giant dirt hills, love watching them explore the woods, and Isabella loves to roller blade in the cul-de-sac. It's so quiet there and just so fun to dream of how it will be. This is such a huge blessing.

Here are Suzanna and William enjoying dessert looking out the front porch window watching their dad clear the last of the trees.

What a perk to have the builder as your uncle and he lets you use the bobcat to haul the trees! Thanks Dave! Don't worry, the kids aren't driving the bob cat...just eating their dessert there.
There were some low bushes/evergreen type trees to the left of the house that Donovan cleared out that day. The view is much better now. I look forward to sitting on that front porch someday watching the kids ride bike and roller skate.

And here is the siding color we are going with. We had a sample of this siding picked out...but were so excited to see a house that had it up. It's so hard to pick colors from small samples. Donovan is on the porch with the man that is re-siding this house...getting advice and tips.

Thank you for ALL the great comments on
'this' blog post. I've never in the history of my blog had that MANY comments! Plus there were some of you that left messages on Facebook. It was so fun to read your great ideas and advice and see all these readers come out of the woodwork. So thank you! I hope if you picked blue you won't hold it against me. :)


Bobbie said...

your gonna get all confused....putting your garage on the other side this time!!! (:
Looks like fun!!

sherri said...

WOW, how exciting to see it framed and moving along so QUICKLY! What a perfect idea and great memory to have your first meal in the new that! Man, I can't wait to see the finished product now. Lookin' great!

cheryl said...

I liked both, so no grudges here:) It's moving along quickly! I bet you're excited. How fun! It's nice to have the photos. I still enjoy looking back to when we built mom and dad's house.

Jewel said...

Oooh, how exciting!!!

Holly said...

How exciting! I can't wait! Cute pictures!

Bobbie said...

I love your photo at the top!!! Did I miss that earlier??? Or did you just change it???