Thursday, August 27, 2009

new things I like

Here is some recaps of our last couple of weeks. My kids started school on August 21st. Isabella started a new school and so far as adjusted well. Isabella started 4th grade this year! Here she is with her little friend Whitney who started 5th grade.

Jack is in the 2nd grade now. I love his new teacher Ms. Hughes. She seems like a really great match for Jack and his personality.
And William...ahhhh...the new kindergartner this year! He loves this school stuff. He has been waiting for years to follow his siblings off to school. On the first day of school he prayed at breakfast...."Thank you Lord I can go to school today!"
Taken that first morning of school. I'm so thankful for all 3 of my children's teachers this year. Each has such a great heart for kids and seems like such great matches for them. What a crazy thing to come home to Donovan and Suzy...waiting for me...and then Donovan off to work and just me and Suzy. Suzy and I almost didn't know what to do with ourselves just me and her that first day of school. Just kidding! Something new I love...just us 2. After we put the wash on the line that morning we went on a walk around the lake. Just us 2! Amazingly enough I don't think I've ever taken her on a walk just by herself! Suzy sang the whole way on our walk, it was so sweet. I think with this move to our cabin...she has been needing a little extra and now I can give her the one on one she's been needing.
And finally home from school. Poor Jack was in tears by the time he got off the bus! He was afraid that the bus driver didn't know where we lived, because it took so long on that first day. Jack and William were on the bus for almost an hour. And since we moved he didn't know our new address to tell her. Now the bus ride takes about 25 minutes.

Also over the last couple of weeks we've met some pretty sweet new little babies...

My friend Brooke had a little baby boy, Jaxon. Love this little pumpkin.

So does Suzy....Jaxon was 5 1/2 weeks early. Such a sweet little boy.

We also got to meet another new baby, a little girl.....
Luca Bella...sweet sweet blue eyes. I love how she has her hand on her chin...trying to figure me out.
Luca is my friend Sherri's little girl. It was so fun to see Luca and her big sister Kaiya last week.

Also here is a quick pic of the new project brewing.....
Things are moving along...more pictures to upload but it will have to come another night. It's been fun to check up on the building site evenings and see what works been done for the day.

Quote of the day...
today from Suzy
"Mom, I love being here with you."
melt. melt. melt.


Stacey said...

Love it that you and Suzy get alone time now, so cute! and that the kids LOVE school, what a blessing! I think Jack's teacher lived in my neighborhood growing up, not sure, what is her first name? (I grew up in Highland Hills). Have a great night!

heather said...

It is a blessing to have such awesome teachers and the fact they all love school. I am blessed!

Jack's teacher's name is Kathy. :)

Thanks for being my cheerleader on the blog.

Bobbie said...

Thanks for bringing us back into your life!!! The kids all look so grown up...especially Isabella!!! She is sooo PRETTY!!!

Holly said...

I am so thankful they have great teachers this year as well! That makes their little lives a whole lot better! Little Suzy must really be livin' the dream now too! She has her momma to herself all day long. Woohoo! Cute pics! Why isn't that house built yet? Don't they know who you are? Git-R-Done little buddy!

Cindy said...

Enjoy your time with Suzy! Before you know it, it will just be you on school days ... how boring that will be! :)

Sarah said...

I went past your cabin on Sat. evening and saw you sitting at the computer and would have tooted my horn but it was after 9pm and figured the kiddos would be in bed!
Your new home site reminds me of the Huffman's site when they first started! How exciting!
It's always such a good feeling when you're kids are happy about school and their teachers.....lovely! and love the time you have with little Suzy. I remember those times with my little Katy and now she's 23 and has her own little 1 yr. old! It brings tears to my eyes thinking how fast those years have gone! Every day is so precious with them! Thanks for taking me back down memory lane again! :)

Bobbie said...

thanks for making me cry Sarah!!!

Cindy said...

The other "new thing I like" ... your awesome family picture at the top of your blog!

sherri said...

Wow, what an exciting time in your family's life right now. How fun it will be to follow your whole building process along.

It will be fun to hear about what mommy & Suzy have been up to during the days too. You'll probably see her in a whole new light.

Thanks again for the special visit last week.