Tuesday, December 16, 2008

one expander and a side of braces to go please.

Today the long awaited had come. After many days of counting down to December 16th, 9:00 had finally come. Isabella has been so excited about.......
getting her braces on her bottom teeth & getting an expander put on her top jaw. I know crazy!

One of our children dropped our camera...so we had sent it to be repaired. I got it yesterday and now....we have lines and bad lighting on 1/2 of our pictures...what a bummer. So please pardon the quality of the above picture. But it shows a good picture (if you can look between the lines) of her expander. You can also click on the picture to make it larger. This is cemented in to her upper back molars and every night for 32 days I will turn a key that will widen her jaw. To make room for teeth that are growing on top of each other.

Here the orthodontist is putting the wires in her braces that will straighten the bottom teeth.
Isabella was so brave. She did so well, and got through the whole ordeal with no tears. I was so glad she could endure the pain so well. There were so many steps in prepping her teeth for all the metal to go in. First they cleaned her teeth with chopped up lava rock. It was gritty and nasty. After that they put some kind of acid to dry out the teeth and then came the glue. Lots of glue and lots of pressure to push everything into place. Gums bleeding and lots of saliva. She sat in that chair for over an hour with her mouth wide open. The orthodontist thanked her for being so patient and cooperating. Dr. Burns told her some adults don't do as well as she did. Wow, what a compliment. So we went for a soothing ice cream treat from Mc D's and then back to school. The over-achiever is working hard for perfect attendance. So since she was present for the first hour of school and went back to school, the few hours Isabella was gone will not count against her.

What a day. Glad it's done! Here she is with a mouth that is starting to get a little raw.

Quote of the day:
When I took Isabella back to school after her appointment, we stopped in the lunch room to say "Hi" to Jack. Who was sad when we had to leave.
At supper tonight:
Me: "Jack why did you have to cry when we left today?"
Jack: "Because I wanted you to stay the whole day."
Me: "Well what would I have done with Suzy and William if I stayed at school with you?"
Jack: "Stuff them in my locker."


Kim said...

She is so brave Heather! What a trooper! Jadyn told me she got her braces today, they were happy to see her back at school.

heather said...

Oh Kim....It was so sweet, the class was just finishing up music class when I took her back to school. After we listened to them on their recorders....4 of Isabella's little friends (including your daughter) came over and were so excited to see her and her new mouth. They were so sweet and made her feel so loved. I love her little classmates. :)

RosyRose said...

Stuff them in his locker indeed:)LOL!
I'm so glad Isabella got her wish....WoW! I can feel for her, I sat in the dentist chair today while they drilled me for an hour too...those bright lights just made me start confessing things:)
You're Jack just makes me laugh!

sherri said...

What an exciting day for you, Isabella! I'll say a prayer for her that she can adjust to them quickly and have minimal discomfort.

I like the colors she picked out! :)

Cindy said...

Oh the expander! Alli had that too in about 4th grade. I remember it really creeped me out to think that I was expanding her upper palate each night. Now I'm ready for child #3 to start braces in january, and it all seems like "old hat". Mitch is the only lucky one to avoid any metal in his mouth ... he just decided to stick with metal in his ear, much to his dad's dismay! Oh college kids!

When Isabella's having those rough braces days, remind her how absolutely beautiful her smile will be when she's in high school! It's all worth it!

Jenn said...

What a brave girl! I never had an expander, but I did have braces for 4 years and boy was it painful at times. I'll say a prayer for her.

Holly said...

I am so proud of that girl! She is so grown up! Jack is too cute with his little quotes!

Stacey said...

Good for her! She did great! How fun she is excited about it. How funny, stuff them in the locker. Cute!