Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Party

Last Friday night our Sunday School class had a Christmas party. No kids, which meant un-interrupted conversations, no cutting up food for others, and only wiping your own bottom if need be. Since we've been attending Siloam, we've not been with our class without children, so this was pretty cool, to get to know others in a new way.
J.B. & Ben
Thank you to Ben & Jen for hosting the night of fun.
April & Matt---Charlotte & Dave
We each helped with bringing some of the meal. Jen planned a really great dinner of:
Meatloaf & Meatballs
Herbed Potatoes
Homemade Breads & Jelly
Cheesecake, Cookies, & Trifle
and Punch
Carla & Rose

Donovan, Stan & Laura, and me.
Each couple brought one gift, and after supper we did a trivia game. It was so fun! Each couple got 7 slips of papers with trivia answers on it. Carla read out Christmas trivia questions, and if you had one of the slips of paper with the answer you would get to pick a gift. Each time you had one of the answers on a slip of paper, if you already had a gift you could take someone else's gift or choose to keep your own. When all 7 slips you had were gone, no one could steal your gift. We played until all the gifts were gone. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Carla for planning such a creative game.
Brian & Brooke
Monica & Matt

Rose & Jon

Donovan and I

By the time we finished the game, had dessert & coffee it was 9:00! So Donovan made a call to his parents who were babysitting to ask..."Can the kids spend the night?" It was looking like it was going to be late night. They agreed and we stayed until after midnight. It's been a long time since we left the kids overnight. How fun to be so carefree. Thanks mom & dad for keeping the kids!
Thanks Jen for taking the pictures and emailing them to me....since my camera is being sent in for the 2nd time to be repaired. I'm seriously starting the shakes from not having a camera over the last 2 weeks. Thankfully I have good friends who let me borrow theirs. (Marlys & Jen)

Quote of the day:

Me: "William, stop picking your nose and eating your boogers."
William: "Why? They're good. And God made them."


Bobbie said...

Looks like a good time!!!
Love the house you were in, the colors are just what Scott wants!! love ya

Anonymous said...

hey sister i am so happy that you had such a great time, that is always the best kinda present, TIME- it so surprising we always think we will have so much of it we don't appreciate until its gone.--love melissa gail

Holly said...

Looks like alot of fun! I guess somebody is keeping mail again, I didn't get my invitation in the mail! William is too cute! I love what he always come up with.