Monday, December 1, 2008

new kid on the block

Well today the glasses finally came in....
When we ordered them the office said they would be come in within a week to 10 days. It was just shy of 3 weeks when we got them today. This boy has asked everyday after school...."did they come yet?"

He was just a tad excited about getting them.

Also after I used the trial pair of contacts & found that they fit my eyes correctly they ordered my contacts. They came in - in less than a week. Go figure.
The office told me that my insurance would pay for 4 boxes of contacts per year. ( they are 2 week disposable) So that would be enough for 48 weeks.
But when I got there today....She found out my insurance will pay for 6 boxes and sent 3 pair of free samples. That is enough for over a year!! They also gave me 2 bottles of contact solution. Well knock my socks off. I am thrilled. I am gitty. I love free.

Man, I was so excited I splurged and picked up a $5 Little Caesars Pizza for supper.
I know we're livin' large around here. Livin' the dream.

The quote of the day:
William was majorly picking on Suzy during lunch. His usual antagonistic little antics. I may have raised my voice and demanded that he leave her alone.

William: "If you're going to make a mean voice, and be mad I'm not going to watch T.V."

Hmmmm...really? Is that a threat?
He must realize how I majorly need that T.V. time so I can get my hair washed and straightened.


RosyRose said...

There's nothing like a "TV Strike" to raise a mothers heart rate.
And what a looker that Jack is! I hope he is always so excited about it!:0
Missed you yesterday too!
See you tomorrow night.

Sarah said...

Congratulations Jack on the 'new look'! Mommy does need that TV time for hair, believe me, I know! I always look forward to the quote of the day! Have a great week!

cheryl said...

I like the glasses Jack! So, um, your insurance is apparently a TON better than mine. Haha...funny threat.

Holly said...

Jack looks so grown up with his new glasses! What a sweetie! I'm glad it worked out for you to get so many boxes of contacts! William is too cute with his little thoughts! I hope Suzy is doing much better! Love ya all!

sherri said...

Love the glasses, Jack! You made a great choice, Heather.

krista said...

Jack looks like a little Don in that 3rd picture...