Tuesday, October 21, 2008

breakfast for supper

Before kids, I always thought I'd be one of those mom's who showed their kids how to cook, had them in the kitchen- hands on helping me. Then I had 4 kids. Who all wanted to help. Who whined that the other sibling was getting to do a "MORE FUN" job then they were doing. Bottom line, I rarely have the kids help me make supper. It stresses me out. Unless it is only my 8 year old helping....and then sometimes that's over the top for my stress level.
But tonight Donovan was home late from work...and I had no choice. They were all in the kitchen....BEGGING to help. Begging for something fun to do. So I took a deep breath, and tried to use this as a "teaching" moment.
So we were making hard boiled eggs....the kids were helping me peel the eggs and dice them up.
However when I went to get the camera....

Sister bear started dicing the eggs WITH the shell on. William has good reason to be alarmed in the picture above.
So we cleaned up that mess and moved on. Isabella thought it would be fun to peel the eggs. Great I could use help peeling the 16 eggs I hard boiled. However she accidentally broke the egg in half. Cleaned that mess up. Then William dropped some of the egg he was eating --on the floor, then stepped on it. Cleaned that mess up.

Well now you have a clear picture why I'd rather cook by myself.
Anyways dad got home, And I was able to finish up supper....and here it is.

Egg gravy. My kids love it. I'm sure some of you are gagging...but you who doubt should really try it...it is delicious. The recipe comes from my mother-in-law. You make a white sauce/gravy and put the diced eggs into it. Then pour it over bread. We happen to have sour dough bread here, which compliments it perfectly. So leave me a comment and I'll randomly pick a name on Thursday to win a loaf of homemade sour dough bread.

Creamed Egg Gravy

1/4 cup butter melt in pan

1/4 cup flour whisk in with butter

Slowly add:

2 cups milk

Add 6 hard boiled eggs that have been diced , salt & pepper to taste.

Quote of the day:

William: "I wanted to look at that mom, and you didn't wait until I could see it. I'm gonna pinch you."

Me: "If you pinch me, I will spank you. You be respectful."

William: "If you spank me, I'll call 911."

Maybe it's not a great idea to NOT teach your children emergency personnel numbers.


RosyRose said...

Heather you are such a good mommy. I know that dinner is such a hard time to play teacher isn't it?!
We have a kid of the week each week. They get all the special treatment that week: ie: sit in the seat of their choice in the van, hold the remote for a movie,sometimes breakfast date with dad. And in the summer my intention is to have the kid of the week help me with one meal,(usually lunch)
I am not near as diligent as I want to be. (man I didn't mean to write my own blog on yours:)
I feel your pain, it is work!
And the 911 thing-don't you just love it when your little person starts making threats!

Gotta love those little boys!

Anonymous said...

We love this stuff! My mom always made it for us growing up, especially on nights that my Dad was not going to be home for supper. Now I do the same thing. Not gross at all, actually made me hungry for some of it.

Anonymous said...

that actually sounds quite good although i've never heard of it! what about tomato gravy? over scrambled eggs, mmmm. my fav.

Stacey said...

I want to try it! You are such a good mom, I just love your family moments! Pick me for the bread! (smile) ok I won't be selfsish. HA!

cheryl said...

I love the quote of the day. That's great! As for the egg gravy....Laura learned to make creamed eggs from Jeremy's side of the family. I like eggs in most any form, but that was not exactly high on my list. The idea is good, but it just didn't sit right. I do always love sourdough bread though:) Wanita if you happen to read this, my dad used to request tomato gravy over pancakes. I haven't had that for a long time!

Charlotte said...

I loved the running commentary of the "help" with supper. I can SO identify. When I get "help" I have to keep a close eye on the salt & pepper shakers on my stove or I get some unwanted ingredients in the food!

Kim said...

So the egg gravy freaks me out a little bit. I may try it... maybe not.

Jen Bontrager said...

I'd love some sourdough bread! My kids love to help too. Last night them helping lead to a broken glass that had been full of water on the floor! Clean up that mess. :)

Anonymous said...

Creamed eggs on TOAST with spinach as a side dish makes a good meal.
I never had a receipe so making it was trail and error. I may try the recipe.


Sherri said...

I admit...it doesn't sound that good to me, but I'll try anything..esp. if it's an Elsie recipe! :)

biscuits 'n gravy said...
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Beth said...

HEY!!! I make something very similar! Except I put diced ham into the gravy and serve it over biscuits. Sounds so YUMMMMMMYYYY!!! That may be what I make tonight for supper. Tks for the thought! I also feel your pain regarding having the kids in the kitchen, I would also love to have my kids in the kitchen "helping" out. But, like you I feel frustration and even anxiety over the whole issue.

Holly said...

Wow! What a busy mom you are! The breakfast for supper still looks delicious! I guess this answers my question on why my sister hasn't called me all week! Too busy! Yeah, with 4 kids I would be busy too!

biscuits 'n gravy said...

Pick me pick me! I've got a serious hankerin for some of your sourdough bread! No free food gets a pass from me. They don't call me Biscuits 'n Gravy for nothin'!

lots_of_love_four_kids said...

Hi! We also have 4 kids- and I UNDERSTAND exactly how you feel about cooking by yourself.
I Love white sauce/gravy. I haven't ever tried your recipe- but I will write it down and try it soon! Thanks for the sourdough opportunity- LOVE sourdough- and don't get to have it very often.

take care!

Cindy said...

I often make a version of this. Maybe a "yoder" thing? However, I cut thin sliced beef sandwich meat in the gravy, ladel it over toast, and then the kids use the egg slicer to slice an egg on top. I have often wondered if they really like it or just like using the slicer. Hmmmmm .... Regardless, it's a wonderful quick and warming meal! Always worked for me with 4 kids. But here goes my "this too shall pass". I only have 2 at home now during college, and sometimes it's a stretch to feel to energetic about cooking for us. With only the two youngest at home, ages 10 and 14, it's easier to tell everyone (from my perch on the sofa) to grab whatever they want out of the fridge and warm it up. Just kidding, I really do enjoy cooking for my family, but I often did (do) it myself. Cleaning it up afterward is sooooo much easier!

Anonymous said...

Amen to it's easier to clean up without the kids help in the kitchen! I didn't do enough of having the kids help me in the kitchen, but I think it's great if you DO have them help! It was just a lot easier to do it myself! That's my fault! and now my youngest, Katy, doesn't really like cooking and I feel bad about that. I'm not going to beat myself up about that, but I think if I would've have spent more time with her and teaching her the abc's of cooking she would like it more! You've also got to want to do it to enjoy it!
It's almost worse cleaning up after your husband has been in the kitchen than it is after the kids have been in the kitchen! At least at our house it was! Love it!