Thursday, October 30, 2008

And if I put my head down on the table and you be quiet long enough, I could take a nap.

Even though I haven't blogged for a week, you really haven't missed anything very drastic happening from this side of town.

Except for the fact that I almost had a major break down when I thought we were out of sour cream tonight. Sour cream is one of the main staples I have with every meal (well almost). So -when I finished making nachos for supper, I was pretty frightened that we had run out. But rest assured we were o.k. with the sour cream supply.
Not sure if I picked up a flu bug or what....but I've been feeling just a little stomach flu for the last couple of days. (Maybe it's all the sour cream??) Isabella has a touch of this stomach bug too in case you're wanting to insert a pregnancy joke here. I had a migraine this morning to top off the stomach ache so I was back in bed with full sympathy from Donovan. How sweet of him to let me go back to bed at 6:30. Two hours later and one Imitrex and I was back in business. That is until I tried to eat some cereal. Well - sick again. So I took a break from eating for a little while.
Urghhhhhh! And I love eating!!
In other news we carved pumpkins tonight. A few of our children will put their hands into the pumpkin to actually clean it out. Here was one of the brave ones, Isabella.
Jack has my acute sense of smell...and kept saying, "ohhhh, that smells like poop." I was gagging slightly myself.

Donovan was excited to incorporate power tools into the carving process.

Here I am trying to think past the smell.
If you click on the picture, you can see Jack has the gagging look on his face as well.

The best part of this process was watching their excitement. Listening to their anticipation after school...."Can we carve our pumpkins yet??" This is one cool thing as your kids get older, they remember from last year & how much fun it was.

My pumpkin with her pumpkin.

Another pumpkin with his baby pumpkin.

And my pretty little baby pumpkin with her baby pumpkin.
Quote of the day:
From Jack last night....
"If I put my ear down to the table, I can hear the ocean."


RosyRose said...

hey sweetie- i was going to call you today to see if you were better. I went shopping instead....bad friend, bad friend! I love that picture of Don with the power tools---every man's dream- "pumpkin you are mine"!
We missed you last night and I hear I missed the cowgirl club freeze out the night before:)
See you soon--- love ya!

Kim said...

Heather I have missed your blogging! Hope you are better!

Kim said...

You know the pregnancy idea did come to mind!!!!! I hope you are feeling better! I had a stomach thing going on b-4 we left on our trip and it took about 3 days b-4 I felt better! yuck!

Anonymous said...

That last comment about the pregnancy idea was mine! Sorry Heather..... Kim used my computer and didn't sign off b-4 she went to bed and when I commented on your blog it came up as Kim's comment......
We have 10:34pm Friday eve. in New Zealand and it's 5:34am Friday morning at home...have a good halloween day! Eat lots of pumpkin.
We actually leave early in the morning for the south island of Australia to Queenstown. We are currently in the city of Auckland which is located on the north island!

Beth said...

So.... You are feeling a bit under the weather with your stoamch and you are making NACHO'S?!!!! Hmmmmm...... Not sure about that one ;-) Hope you are feeling better, love the pumpkins!

Holly said...

I hope you start feeling better! Great pumpkins your kids and Donovan made! Very cute! Even if you are pregnant, that would be really cool too! Another beautiful niece or nephew. :o) You and Donovan make beautiful babies! :o)

Stacey said...

Hope you feel better soon! Where are our paid sick days for mom's! I love carving pumpkins with the kids! (who am I kidding, that is Tommy's job, I can change a diaper but the pumpkin grosses me out? sort of ironic I guess! HA!)

Cindy said...

Love the power tool idea! How am I feeling? I'll just say "ouch"! I'm working on a new post but it takes forever with only my left hand to use. :(