Thursday, October 23, 2008

breakfast almost in bed

Last night we had small group at our house for the 1st time. We joined this small group about 6 weeks ago..this was our first time hosting. We are doing an excellent study on a series called "The Bait of Satan", by John Bevere. It is a very good study. review states:
Are you ensnared by bitterness, seized by anger, held captive by resentment because someone has offended you? Bevere shows you how to escape Satan's grip, avoid a victim mentality, practice forgiveness, experience reconciliation, and remain free in Christ.
I love it. And I am learning so much, about myself and how I relate to others. The things I screw up and the things I need to change. More than the study I love the people in our group. This group has been so accepting of Donovan and I, and our family. They have treated us so kindly as new-comers. They have made us feel like we belong. Here are the girls....

Carol, Carla, Julie, Rose, and I.

And here are the guys.
Willard, Jason, J.B., Donovan, Norm, and Ed.And these are our offspring....13 in all! It is amazing how they can keep themselves entertained during the video we watch...with little help from their parents.
I love our new small group. Thank you guys for being so welcoming to our family.

And this my friends is today....breakfast in the bedroom. Sleeping in too long....and getting a late me thinking. Thinking about how can I multi-task the morning. I've been taking William and Suzy to story-time at our library, that starts at 10 on Thursday's. You wouldn't think that would be an unreachable goal, since I get up at 6:50. That is unless I go back to bed and sleep until 8:30. (Give me a break...I didn't get to bed until midnight.) worked out well. I put William and Suzy just outside our bathroom to eat their breakfast.... while I washed and blow dried my hair. They looked at me pretty funny when I told them they were going to eat breakfast in mom's room today. Started laundry, got the kids dressed and we were on our way.

I've got a cousin (by marriage), Jessica that is visiting from Florida- so she met us at the library today. Then we went to where she is babysitting for some friends while they are out of town for 2 weeks. The kids all played and we had a great time catching up and then having lunch together. I wish everyday could be so fun.
Jessica, Maryls, and me.

So are you wondering about the bread give away?? Are you wondering if you won??

I asked Donovan to pick a number between 1-16 (the number of comments) and he randomly picked #9.

So the winner is.... Joy.

She is the person who had the 9th comment.
Congrats Joy -I will drop your bread off tomorrow.
Thanks for the rest of you who left me some pretty original, funny, and sweet comments. You guys are such cool friends!!

Quote of the day:
Jack, "What if I'm in a hot air balloon and it drops down to the ground?"

Who knows where he comes up with these scenarios.


RosyRose said...

Heather- I love you to girlfriend!
You are so easy to love...
By the way i forgot to thank you for the cookies you left in my van! They were full of awesomeness! Maybe someday if you don't have anything else to post you can post that recipe?
Love your breakfast solution...I'm just saying your kids are much cleaner eaters then mine were at that age!Hugs!

Stacey said...

LOVE the color of your dining room!!! Should I be painting again? maybe so! Also, love the improv of giving the kids breakfast in your room while you got ready! I will have to try that! it is hard to run back and forth from the bathroom getting ready to the kitchen checking on the kids. Should we really be moving that much? HA!

Holly said...

You are quite the creative multi-tasker! You must have gotten that from me! :o) ha ha Busy week you are having! I have been multi tasking too. PTO, cleaning, school, & Carrabbas too. "o)

Sherri said...

That sounds like a really neat study!! Is there a book too, or is it just the video series?

It's such a blessing to be surrounded by a loving church family. Wow, that is a nice big bunch of kids! Your house was bursting with joy that night! So fun!

Lucky you to get to see Jessica! Do you know how long they are in town?

Cindy said...

Not healing ... surgery is on Thursday. Then I hope I get bfast in my bedroom (hopefully not in a high chair though. :)

cheryl said...

I'm trying to cover my bases. I sent you a message on FB, so it would be good to check it. Wednesday is a no go. Sorry for the confusion.

Small group looks like it was fun. Way to be a creative mommy with the breakfast in "bed"room.

Cindy said...

I saw your sweet Isabella today at Gparents' day. I even snuck a precious picture of her and her Grandma working diligently on a paper. :) I will get it to you probably by e-mail?

I was honored to fill in as a grandma for one event, but Alli had better wait a good long time to make me a real Grandma.