Friday, June 6, 2008

bring on the heat....

Wow, is it Friday already? The week has just flown by. Welcome Summer. I LOVE YOU.

Much of our week has been in water, well for the kids anyways. Isabella, Jack, & William started swimming lessons on Monday. They take lessons in the morning for a 1/2 hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Isabella learned to swim last summer....but is working on technique and becoming a stronger swimmer. She is totally into lessons, and loving every minute.

The boys are learning to swim....William is learning to trust his teacher. They both love going to swim lessons. I think Jack loves impressing his little friend Madeline. (Madeline was also in kindergarten with Jack this last year) Jack, William, and Madeline share one instructor.

By Wednesday William was complaining of ear pain. Wednesday during the night he woke several times, and was crying from the pain. Sometimes crying in his sleep. He then started throwing up Thursday morning. I still wanted/needed to take Isabella and Jack to their swim lessons....So poor William brought a bucket and away we went. He threw up on the way to swim lessons, at swim lessons, and on the way home. Thank the good Lord in heaven he made the bucket each time. I took him Thursday afternoon to the Dr. who confirmed that he had swimmers ear. He gave me drops that seemed to help right away. Thankfully William slept most of Thursday. He had 3 naps all together and slept all night. He needed rest.

Yesterday after a very long day of being inside and taking care of ear pain boy....I was in serious need of a little down time. So when Donovan got home from work, I took Jack and Isabella and headed over to the Amish highway for some R & R. Do you know what she had waiting for me when I got there? A glass of iced tea. With an umbrella. With a sprig of mint. How special did I feel?! How pampered?....Well--let me tell you.... just like being on a tropical island. YOU ROCK CINDY! We stayed for a couple of hours and then begged to move in. She said no, so we went home.

She wouldn't let me move in but we did get to go back to the pool today. I am so thankful William was back to his ol' self this morning. Running around and happy as can be.

We even got to have Daddy come come along! Talk about livin' the dream. I loved having daddy around....and loved having the help with the kids.

Later the Family of Five joined us, minus one member.

Here is one of the Five....Up to no good with Jack.

Here's another one of the Five, that provided lots of fun for our oldest.

...Here's the 5th little member of the five, who didn't want to pose for a picture. :)

What a beautiful day to be at the pool. And to top it off we got a date tonight!! Babysitting compliments of Grandma and Grandpa! And dinner compliments of Psalm 116. I won a drawing on her blog and a gift card for Applebee's!!! When I won her drawing....I didn't even know about the bonus dinner gift card she was sending! Thanks Wanita. What an awesome treat!!! There's nothing like reconnecting with your husband....with no interruptions. Without wiping faces, taking people potty, and cutting up food. All things I love....all things I love having a break from. :)

For the quote of the day....

Jack, "Isabella, look I can shred water." I correct him, "Jack tread, not shred"

Again Jack says, "Look Isabella I can shred water" Apparently it was too windy for him to hear the "sh."


Anonymous said...

oooo, that swimmers fun! i have two girls that got it once and one of them has issues w/ it everytime she swims.

i could sure use a 'Cindy' in my life--is their anyone out there who wants to adopt me? umm,umm lucky you, heather!

glad you enjoyed the date night!

Kim said...

It was a fun day Heather!

Holly said...

Looks like so much fun with the swimming lessons for the kids. That's great you are getting them into that! Great pics! love ya

Sherri said...

Oh, just the thing I love about summer...sunshine and water to cool yourself off. Looks like a really fun week for you despite Williams sickness.

What great friends you have!