Wednesday, June 25, 2008

getting ready for baby.....

34 weeks down....6 to go. And lookin' good!!!

Disclaimer: there are going to be lots of pictures. Brace yourself. You may need to take this post in 2 separate sittings. I'm posting extra pictures for all the Florida Aunts and cousins (and other out-of-staters) who couldn't be here, due to some lame excuse like, "it was too far to drive..."

And just so you know out-of-state family---we missed you! For the rest of you not related - this is my sister-in-law Arlene (married to Donovan's brother Jon) who we hosted a shower for last night. She is pregnant with their 1st baby. And wow-she is looking great! Just a few more weeks to go. She is a sweet friend.
Donovan's mama, me and The Guest of honor.
Suzy is in for one big shocker come August. I think sometimes she forgets I am her mama, and mistakes Arlene for her mama. Suzy just adores Arlene--and I just love their little friendship.
Krista was in charge of games...and chose this one. "Who can toss the balloon without their water breaking" game. Arlene and I were partners and our "water" broke 1st. Hmmm??? Does this mean she will go early???

Aunt Ellen was photographer for the night....and I'm glad she was. I got kinda busy to remember to snap some pictures. She got this one of serious and smiley. Smiley (Krista) is pregnant also and due at the end of October with #2...a boy. Some shower crashers behind the couch. Pictured on the couch...Aunt Dot, Aunt Ruby, and Grandma.
More guests....Left to right....Sarah (cousin), Loretta (Arlene's sister) with her 2 youngest, & Tonya (friend of Arlene). favorite part....getting ready to eat. Everyone helped with bringing in food, which made preparations go much easier.
Here's the menu:
Salsa and chips
Black Bean Hummus and Toasted pita bread (don't knock it until you try it)
Chocolate Fondue with strawberries, Bananas, pound cake, marshmallows, pretzels, rice krispies all for dipping.
French Vanilla cake.
Aunt Ellen with entertainment for the evening. :)
Cousins picture....Arlene, Krista, Sarah, and me. So disappointed I didn't think to take the picture before Rachel left. So Sorry Rachel!!
So after all the clean up, Krista and I headed to the front porch for R & R. Sittin' on the porch talkin' with a friend is one of my favorite ways to spend a summer evening. We kept sittin' and kept talking until after midnight. Oops! Nice, but not in the morning when you still need to get up with 4 little ones who got to bed a little earlier.
Today was supposed to be a pool day we had planned....however the rain kept us home. But we had a nice surprise....Sarah dropped in with her 2 boys for a visit.
And for those of you who know her oldest well, Easton, you know he has a sock issue.
He likes to wear socks. In the hot summer the boy likes to wear socks. ??? I think for punishment his mama threatens to make him take off his socks. Am I right Sarah? And funny how all 3 boys came up from playing in the basement all with matching white socks. Is he rubbing off on my boys?
Easton and William both 4....born 4 weeks apart are 2 peas in a pod.
I love this picture....PURE JOY!

And this is how Isabella spent most of her afternoon. And for her it was pure joy.


cheryl said...

So I need the recipe for the black bean hummus. It sounds yummy. The shower looks like it was fun. Miss Isabella makes me jealous. That looks like a perfect afternoon!

Sherri said...

You always do such a wonderful job hosting parties with all the extra little details. I'm sure Arlene felt very special!

Wish I could have been there. I'd love to have that recipe as well. :)

Jessica said...

Heather, your posts always make me homesick....I love Indiana summers. Looks like a fun party, wish I could've been there.

Holly said...

Looks like the shower was a blast! I am glad it turned it out so nice for everyone! Love ya! Great pics by the way!