Tuesday, June 17, 2008

camping at the super 8

Warren Dunes State Park

Last year we went camping over Jack's birthday. It seemed like a good tradition to keep on doing. But by the time we borrowed a camper, and truck to pull it, packed the camper....took 14 trips to the bathroom with various people who had to go potty....paying for 2 nights a State camp......we decided this year to "camp" at a hotel. Or "showtell" as William says. Not that we will never go camping again....just not a lot at this stage of our parenting. Anyways...we took off Saturday...the kids were so excited to finially get there and get out of the car seats. The first thing we did is climb the dunes. The kids had never done it, and Donovan and I hadn't climbed the dunes since we were dating 12 years ago.

This may look easy....but not really. Climbing while lugging a little almost 2 year old is hard work. Which is why I gave her to her daddy about 1/2 way up-when it got really steep.
The pay off. A rest at the top and a great view.

Later after lunch this little sweetie, took a little nap. I laid her down thinking there's no way she will stay still long enough to fall asleep. But she did....we must of really worn her out!
Burying William. These 2 were loving the water.

Two little sun bathing beauties.
After going back to our hotel, taking naps, cleaning up, eating supper--we headed back to the beach to watch the sunset. I had just as much fun in the evening at the beach as during the day.

Ring a round the sand pile.
William loves rocks like big sister.

A women walking by offered to take a family picture for us.....we got a couple that seemed to show each of the children's personalities so well.

They didn't stay like this for long...but I got a couple good shots.
Jack LOVES to kiss and hug on Suzy!! So when I asked him to give her a kiss, we was more than happy.
However she gets tired of him kissing and touching her. So wham....Suzy wacked Jack. Don't think I'll frame this one. I can still hear her..."no, no, Jack"

Quote of the day....

From Donovan: "Don't throw angel hair around the room"

(pasta that is)


"How rude would it be if I didn't get a candle in my cupcake?"

I'll let you guess who that quote was from on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures would make some awesome Christmas cards! Great job & in such a beautiful setting and guess what? It's finally warm....woo-hoo! Remember when it just refused to warm up in Indiana? LOVE IT A LOT!

Sherri said...

I am right with you on the camping thing and think you made a great decision to do the hotel! We love to camp as well, but at this age (or any age for that matter) it's SO MUCH WORK!!

AWESOME pictures on the beach!! Love the family picture and the one of the four kids from behind!

Jenn said...

How fun! Love the pictures of the kids from the back...too precious!

Anonymous said...

ok, you have convinced me to put the dunes on the do list for sure! it looks so beautiful out there-just a little to much like the beaches down south.

Kim said...

so sweet Heather! don't you love how their personalities shine through on camera?

heather said...

Sarah, thanks! Good idea for Christmas cards

Sherri, Thanks! Someday we'll do a cousin camp out again....when the kids get older....deal?

Jenn, Thanks to you too!

Wanita, You really need to take a Saturday and go! Your kids would love it!

Kim, Yep! They do shine through....even Suzy's little "temper" :)

Holly said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday to sweet Jack! Great blog as usual! Love ya

cheryl said...

Wow...7 comments. Guess I'm behind the times. Looks like a fun trip. Some of my favorite memories growing up included time at Lake Michigan!