Thursday, June 19, 2008

I had to pick my nose to get the rock out.

no she didn't fall, she's throwing a fit. read on.

Today was full of a variety of emotions:

The happiest part: Having a picnic at the pool. Seeing the kids so excited to go swimming.

The sickest part: Cleaning up poop out of Suzy's swimsuit and then cleaning it out of the yard. Thinking she was only going to go #1 I squatted her by the landscaping (because we were at the pool) only to see 2 noticeable piles come out. Great no leaves in sight to scoop them up with, so I picked 2 geranium leaves off a plant to use as "gloves" to pick up the human poop and throw out in the brush.

The funniest part: Where I get fresh farm eggs (My friend Anna's parents) her dad noticed I didn't have my toenails painted and gave me a hard time for it. Monroe (an Amish preacher) said....And I quote, "I thought you were born with red toenails. How embarrassing you don't have them painted." I got a good laugh out of that.

The most rewarding part: Seeing William ride bike for the first time with no training wheels.

The scariest part: When Jack got a rock stuck up his nostril. Why, you ask? He thought it would be fun to put a little rock up there. I couldn't get it out. He was crying because while trying to get it out, he was pushing it further in. I called the Dr. office, who said to bring him in. While getting the kids into the van....Daddy drove in and saved the day. He told Jack to blow hard and on the 2nd try, the rock came flying out along with some snot. I was in a panic and never thought to have him try blowing it out.

The most maddening part: Suzanna throwing herself on the cement driveway in full out temper tantrum because I wanted her to pose for a picture with her doll.

The most delicious part: A new recipe I got for BBQ hamburgers from Anna's mama.

And the quote for the day comes from Jack:

Me: "Jack, how do your fingernails get so dirty?"

Jack: "That's because I had to pick my nose to get the rock out."


Cindy said...

Were those my geranium leaves??? And where exactly is Suzy's little "gift"??? Don't want to step in anything .... :)

heather said...

Sorry, Cindy those were 2 of your geranium leaves. I threw that poo far far away. Your likely to step in dog do do before suzy po po.

By the way why were you up so late? 1:08 a.m.??

Anonymous said...

still laughing! =D loved it all! l'il miss suzy is so cute when she's mad.

cheryl said...

What an emotional day! Glad no surgery was needed to retrieve the rock. Also glad I don't live close enough to be in danger of stepping in the poo:) I posted a story today about a poo box in the yard.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! Your nickname should be the Pooper scooper! The kids keep you on your toes....just as you did I'm sure when you were young! Those days fly by so quickly and you will look back on them w/lots of laughs!
Love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I just wish I had a pool so you could come over here and I could see those kids....maybe I'll join you at the pool one of these days while my daughter is packing up her house!:)

Kim said...

Not funny Sarah! But Heather, you had quite a day! I think I will need to take a break next week from packing up. Can your hubby keep all seven kids so we can go lay out without any bothersome kids running around?! :)

Sherri said...

Loved this post, Heather. Hearing about all the emotions that go on in the day of just being captured it well.

Holly said...

Your days are never dull! Wow the adventures of being a mom! Well, you do have that job down packed! Your a great mom! Love ya!