Wednesday, October 31, 2007

trick or treat?

Trick or treat??

All treats here....what a beautiful evening for trick or treating. We were planning on going out of town for a outdoor fall party, but then decided to stay in town and go door to door. Good thing since by the end of the treating it started to sprinkle.
Isabella could hardly wait to put her wings on, she has the most self control out of anyone in the whole car load tonight. She wouldn't eat any of her candy because she was saving it until we got home. Her teacher from school gave her a project to count her candy and make a tally sheet. Where she gets her self control is beyond me ??

Little sweet Suzanna Monarch, surprisingly enough she left the wings alone. Maybe it was the pumpkin full of candy she was carrying that made her forget the wings.

O.k. Well these 2 were best of friends tonight. They were both in high spirits to get dressed up. It was sweet. I have a little story that has nothing to do with trick or treating...but I think it deserves repeating. On the way home from church Sunday night, Isabella and Jack were arguing and fussing with each other so finally we told them to keep there hands to themselves and they were not allowed to talk until we got home. So it was quiet for about 5 minutes until a noise comes from the backseat, and Isabella and Jack try to stifle laughing out loud. William busts out in laughter, and then says, "Jack I like it when you pooser. Do it again" So he does 4 more times to be exact. Oh brother...that part he takes after his dad. By the time we got home, Isabella is granted the privilege to talk again and is plugging her nose asking us to please open the windows to air the place out. Poor girl. Boys will be boys. Why they think it is cool is beyond me. I did have to laugh at William though.

Hope you had a beautiful fall day!


Cottonista said...

Very cute! Does Mama take a candy tax?

Sherri said...

Sooo CUTE! I love their costumes! I bet that little Suzy got a couple of extra pieces of candy just for her cuteness last night. Caedmon wore the same chicken costume like Williams last year.:) What fun!

heather said...

You bet mama takes a candy tax....10%. Think they will notice all that I ate after they went to bed?

Now I want to see pictures of your kiddies Sherri and Joyce.:)

krsta said...

I don't think I have ever seen Suzanna look so adorable! Her earrings just topped the cake!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Heather, could you be a little more on the ball? They are too cute! Kim Huffman

Bobbie said...

Absolutley Adorable!!! All Four of them!!! You are incredible!!
Being YOUR BEST FRIEND......I figured that I ought to get some comments in on this blog thing.....I love catching up when we miss a day or two talking!! (:
Love ya