Wednesday, October 24, 2007


my cousin steve and suzanna playing this little piggy.

Maybe it's just me but when I was growing up my parents had friends and family over alot. For meals, for snacks, and playing games. And we went over to our aunt and uncles alot to play games. The adults would play cards and the kids would rip around and play in the basement. Is it just me or is everyone our age (30's) just too busy? I'm am just as guilty of not having company as the next 30ish married with kids. We need to do it more. One place I get this reminiscent of my growing up years is when we go to my aunt and uncles. It's very rare that we will go there and not break out a deck of cards. The kids play and watch movies and there is nothing more relaxing and fun for our family.

It's pretty fun to get fired up and try to beat my uncle and sets and runs. I love when he gets a good hand he starts to whistle, and sing little made up songs. What a blast. These pictures were taken last Friday night after we went out to supper for my aunt's birthday. Then came back to their place to play cards and eat popcorn. I was hesitant to go since we didn't finish dinner until 8 p.m. and thinking we have a little distance to drive and should get the kids to bed. But Donovan was feeling wild and crazy & said we should just go and have's the weekend. So we did, and the kids were fine even though we were there until past 10. So there is our wild and crazy Friday night. What fun!

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Anonymous said...

i gotta say this just fits you! you're jack is hilarious! please tell me you've been keeping a journal on him!! and suzy is still cute as a button. hope you have a good day--wanita
ps. missed you at the fair