Friday, November 2, 2012

We're waiting on some more things over here.....

Last weekend we went to Indy for an appointment with Jack's pediatric neurologist.  Some of you know that Jack has had 3 seizures over the last 3 years.  In April he went for an EEG and we were hopeful that he would have this brain scan & it would come back normal (as in not showing brain waves that would lend towards seizures) and he would be able to go off of his seizure medication.  But it came back with these little waves that made the Dr. reluctant to take him off of his medication....esp. with going into summer, which means swimming.  Super big precaution with seizures...for obvious reasons. 
So he stayed on the seizure meds.  It has now it has been 2 years and 9 months since he's had one.  WITHOUT ever increasing his medication for that long.  Even though the boy has grown several inches and pounds!   SOOOOO....This is awesome.  He's been on a super low dose of medication this whole time.  And never had a seizure. 
I'm feeling like God has healed him of this.  Something we thought (because of what his Dr. said) he'd would not be outgrowing because of the location of the brain where his seizures start. 
But.....God's pretty amazing...and pretty awesome at doing what doctors say shouldn't happen.  Can I get an Amen???
So Jack had some blood work done on Tuesday.  And now we're waiting to hear back on how much of this medication is even in his blood. 
If it's under "4" then that means that it wouldn't even be medicinal should he have a seizure. 
SO......We're just waiting, hoping, and excited to see what happens with this blood work that comes back next week.
And hopeful that we can take him off of this seizure medicine that he takes 2 times every day!!!
 While we wait....I thought I'd show ya some pictures from overnight in Indy.  That rocked.  We got a hotel thru Priceline....and upon arriving at the hotel I asked the check in guy if we could please have a room with 2 beds.  Why yes, yes we could.  Thank you Hilton.  And this is what we walked into.......
 A room with a view on the 17th floor!!!!

 After we checked in we ignored the kids' persistent requests to go directly to the pool and headed out for a little site seeing and dinner.  Cheesecake Factory for us & McDonald's for the kids to be exact.  Which is another whole story on it's own. 
  Pretty sure we would've been the only guests on 17 floors of patrons that were eating Life cereal out of solo cups.  Sometimes we roll strong, sometimes we roll on economy.  {Shhhhh....don't tell the kids they still thought they were "livin' the dream" eating cereal on the couch while watching their own T.V. while we were in the next room of our suite watching our favorite shows.}
'cook' that morning
 After checking out we made a 1.5 hour trip to Turkey Run State Park.  Here I am rolling strong on economy lunch making.  Ham & cheese AND pringles.  Each child getting their own CAN of pop.  No sirree.....We didn't even make them share. 
 They look pretty much this way every time we break out food.
 Turkey Run State Park is one of the neatest places in Indiana.  If you haven't been gotta do it sometime.  Donovan and I hadn't been there for 14 years.  I wondered if the younger kids would be able to keep up....
 However we had to tell them to slow down.....over and over.  The above picture is a prime example.  Do you see my little 6 year old way out in front???
 It was a beautiful, cool afternoon for hiking. 

 Are we really in INDIANA???

So cool to be livin' my dream with my man.  Not always easy, not always fun.....I never want to come across as having perfect lives over here....but I tell you doin' life and family with this guy makes it as easy as it will ever be!!!  I love him & the children we have. 
And just a side note to by bloggy friends...I can't even tell you how much all of your support means to me.  So many many comments in regards to my last post....and I appreciate and enjoy everyone of them.  They encourage me and I love to hear from you.  Thanks for the nice comments and inboxes!!!  It's an awesome way to stay connected.  Love you guys!!!

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