Tuesday, November 13, 2012

working 9-5.....actually make that 0500-1730 {5:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.}

 So I started my new job.  Yesterday all day I had a General Hospital Orientation of fun things like their Mission, Values, Safety, Customer service, Injuries and policies and procedures. 
Today I went to a Nursing Orientation that talked about Medical Gases used in the hospital, Arrhythmia & Telemetry, Glucometers, Restraints, Code Blues, and other fun things and words that I teetered between knowing nothing about and having a small clue.  WOW!  SO much to know and learn. It's been a good experience so far and very, very sweet people that have been patient with me. 
I was so surprised & excited that the Training Coordinator of the Birthplace came to pick up me & 2 other new nurses yesterday to take us for lunch.  Awwww!!!  I loved feeling part of their family & well~ I do love free. It was so very sweet.  I noticed out of the 24 + new colleagues representing many different departments~ that we were the only ones picked up and taken for lunch.  Makes a girl feel special!!!      
Tomorrow I will start on the OB unit.  Yippee for babies!!!  So excited to start.  A little concerned for 12 1/2 hour days that will require me to be at the hospital at 5 a.m.  But thankful for the pay that comes with the training and my family that supports me and cheer leads for me from the sidelines.  My 12 year old told me on the first day, "Mom, I'm gonna be praying for you all day long today!" This journey has been a faith builder for them and me as we prayed for this opportunity and watched God open the doors. 
And now comes some changes at the ranch......

Like getting laundry done in the evenings, packing lunches the night before, and laying out clothes for the littlest one.  Because while their Dad has a great sense of fashion....He is absolutely is  overwhelmed by girls clothing options and accessories.  
 Six...count them six lunches for tomorrow!!!!  Some of them get hot lunch some of the time~However tomorrow's menu at the 3 schools caused some noses to wrinkle and some resounding, "uhhhh...No thanks."  Seems like they'd get sick of peanut butter and jelly and ham & cheese...but have at it.  I'll pack it again.  Especially when I have such a willing little Suzy helper pants.
So this is just a season.  Three days a week of 12.5 hour shifts for 6 weeks of training.  I shall keep telling myself that when I come home in a heap of overwhelmed tears tomorrow. 
After training I will be working 2-3 shifts every 2 weeks.  Which is more my pace & will suit my family just right. 
Quote of the day:
{this morning while combing Suzy's hair.}
Me: "Suzy...tomorrow Daddy will be combing your hair because Mom will be getting up very early and leaving for work before you are even done sleeping."
Suzy: "Oh good because Daddy let's me have my hair anyway I want."  and then she has a big smile. 
Not sure what happened to her but right now she thinks ribbons are "too dressy"~and not at all "Sporty"
I don't even like sports???!!!!! 
I've got some retraining to do!!!!!

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bobbie said...

My heart is smiling for you dear friend!!!!! <3