Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We are adding 1 to our family.

Ha! Got your attention didn't I?
I love to do that.
So....Last fall my sister-in-law & husbands brother invited into their home an exchange student.  I remember thinking WOW! They are brave & hospitable.  How did they know if they would get a good kid?  How would that dynamic change their family?  And then later how would it change our extended family get together.   

 But you know what?  This worrier by nature learned to know and love the exchange student.  My sil and bil taught me without knowing...How to give the gift of your family, how to open your home, and your heart.  Although at the time~ I wasn't thinking we would ever do anything like that, I just thought it was nice that they were.  :)

We've spent time with her over the months...and learned something outside of our little bubble.  And it's been fun.  And you know what? It did do something to our family get togethers....It enhanced them.  She brought fun & a sweet smile.

So when we got a call last week asking if we would be willing to host her for the remainder of the school year we were a little more open minded than we would've been even a year ago. 
 {Donovan's brother, wife, & family moved to another school district/town last week.} 

 We thought about it, prayed a lot, talked a lot.  And said YES.
I'm always pretty amazed how God stretches us.  Something we thought we'd never do....He opens the door and helps you to think beyond yourself. 

So tonight we welcomed another Isabela (she uses 1 "l" & our Isabella uses 2) to our home tonight.  She comes to us from Brazil and celebrated her 18th birthday last month.   

So that brings our count up to 3 girls & 2 boys....2 of them being "Isabella".  
{we're working on nicknames}  

Already loving how she captivates our kids. 


RosyRose said...

So proud of you for extending your arms! God give you grace friend!

Amber said...

This is awesome!! I was once an exchange student (in college) and my family I lived with meant the world to me! I know I'll always have a Mom, Dad & 2 little brothers in another country :) Have fun & enjoy!!

Kim said...


InnovativeKoehler said...

What a great tag line to catch people with. Nice. I love what you are doing.

I am having a vision though about another baby to the Gingerich family. This one has your DNA all over it. As I get more visions about this I will be sure to pass it on.

Way to go guys!

Jewel said...

Congrats on your new addition! That's awesome! How long is Isabela staying w/you guys? Oh yeah, til the end of the school yr. right? How exciting! Looks like she fits right in. But then of course your whole family is doing a great job @ that...making her feel welcomes!

Grandma Ruby said...

Heather, I'm so glad to read this news today. Even though I've not met Isabela, I've heard about her through Donovan's folks and felt concern for her when Wes & Jo needed to move. Wish you all the very best and God's blessings too.
-Aunt Ruby