Tuesday, February 14, 2012

pin it & do it....part 2

Pinterest pin it & do it segment 2.....free printable coupons for your kids!  Printed these bad boys last night......and.....
Put them in some cutsie little mailboxes off the $1 rack at Target....AND You've GOT mail!

Love mail that is.  Tee hee.

By far more sweet then any other cards I've received ever in my life were these two I was given this morning.  

Can you read what Jack wrote?  Let me quote it up for you...."Dear Mom and/or Dad  (I love the and/or part there) Thank you for giving me a good life and I don't have to worry about bad things. :) heart.  Love, Jack."  Complete with a pink and red keyboard.  Heart melting for that tender side of that strong headed boy <3 <3

 And just for a bonus since it is Valentines Day and all...I've included another Pinterest idea for ya all.  A quick and easy one if I do say myself.

Go get yourself some balloons from the $1 store, one for each year of marriage (in my case I did one balloon for each 2 years) and tie a card to the balloon remembering what stuck out to you in that year.  And have them floating above the bed when your hubby wakes up.  In my case when I got up for my nightly bathroom break and put them over our bed then.

Sweet, Easy, and Creative....Are you inspired?? I hope so all you love muffins!  Enjoy the one you love today.  XOXOXOXOXO    See you tomorrow.


Jewel said...

Can you give me the link to those free printables that are Dates with Dad & Mom, please? Thanx! Awesome ideas! That is a really sweet message from Jack!

sherri said...

Oh, those printables are so neat! I also love the balloon idea for hubby. So fun!!