Saturday, February 18, 2012

pin it & do it....part 4 & 37 years

Yesterday I celebrated 37.  WOW! That USED to seem old to me....Getting very close to 40ish feeling.  But now....50 will be the new number when I feel "old".  I'm not feeling that old yet...should I?  

  So anyways...enough of the "old" talk.   I had an invite for breakfast yesterday with one friend and an offer for a chauffeured trip of shopping in my town of choice from another friend.  So before I left for the day..I did a little pinning & printing off of the computer. 

Take a little guess where I was copy/pasting before I left for the day??  Yeppers!  Pinterst.  Because I love all the outfit ideas...but who can remember all the great combinations when you are AT the store???  Not me!  SO I printed them off....Just some ideas for the day.  When Donovan saw the printed page....He said, "What's that??? You're TO Do list for the day??"  Well yes, yes it is.  Perfect!  I love a TO Do list like that.  And with my objectives in hand I headed out the door.  But not before hubby snapped a picture, handed over some cash, and gave me a little kissie. 

 So Rose invited me for breakfast...I thought we were going out somewhere, So I asked (the night before) to move the time up a give more time for shopping before the kiddos got home.  Well little did I know the honey was doing a homemade breakfast complete with all pretty things.

She spent so much time making this many little touches. 

 She sure knows how to make a girl feel special.

We share a love of Pinterest...and from there she got some delicious dishes she served us yesterday.   Ham, Cheese and Hash Brown Frittata.  Oh my ~Yumminess.
 Along with Homemade Cinnamon Roll Cake.  Coffee with my favorite creamer. And Jack Johnson on Pandora.  And candles.  And a prayer of blessing.  EVERY SINGLE of my 5 senses were fulfilled. 

Another fun surprise was that our friend Carol joined us!!!!  These 2 ladies I have grown closer to over the last 3 years through small group and they have poured so much wisdom onto my life.  I am so blessed by them both.  Yesterday was no different.  Carol was able to speak truth into my life about a situation in my life and give a prospective of another woman in another season.  I think we can do so well to listen to advise like that.  (And Rose ~hope you don't mind I posted the pre-make up face~I know I kinda rushed you that morning by moving up the time!! SO sorry! But sweet friend your the kinda friend who it makes no difference what you are wearing or doing....or how you look.  I could be sitting in our robes in the fast food drive thru with you~and I'd be happy) 
 Some of the treats I opened that day.  Are they for Donovan or me?? I'm not sure.  Well except for the purse!  I'm very sure that's for ME. 

 And next came shopping.  I had an offer by my friend Julie to take off for the day, chauffeured by her, to where ever I wanted for birthday shopping.  :)  COLOR ME HAPPY!  I love me some shopping. 

I couldn't help myself but snap a picture of the cute little silver tray you use when purchasing jewelry at Forever 21.  It's just more fun with silver platters.  I was laughing at myself while trying to discreetly take a picture of Julie.  Trying to ensure the 21 year old's and under  didn't see me taking picture in the store of my friend caring a silver platter of jewelry.  Yep.  It's my birthday and I'll take the picture if I want. 

After tons of stops at all my favorite shopping spots....we enjoyed some Chick-fil-a.  And then a Starbucks Strawberries and Cream.  With whip.  With soy.  For free from my friend.  Awwwww..thanks Julie.  I love your laugh, and smile, and stories, and heart.  You are a good listener and friend <3

And wow.....thanks Rosetta for the gift card you mailed.  And Bobbie for the $$$$ you mailed to make my day even more enjoyable.  You sneaky little lady!!  What the world???? How'd I get so lucky???   

I came home later that afternoon....and we packed up the kids for a family dinner at Carrabba's.  Oh yumminess.  So very fun.  It seems they were on their very best behavior and it went so well to have them all there.  Despite a busy night at the restaurant.  Despite the fact that it was past 7 until we ate.  I was livin' the dream!
But it didn't end there.....this morning.....Came my sister in law, Arlene and family.  With more treats!  A cute little zipper pouch~that she made off of Pinterest.  In my favorite colors. sweet.

This little cutie pie came in the mail for me.  Along with more fun things from my cousin Sherri.  OH MY GOODNESS!  So much fun to get another year older.  My mother in law also dropped some treats off for me while I was gone for the day.  And lots of cards and treats in the mail.  What a fun day!  You friends of mine sure know how to make a girl feel special!!!

Isn't that sweet??? LOVE!

And here's my "What I pinned and did".....some things to complete outfits ideas I got ideas from off of pinterest.  :) Yippee!  I can hardly wait to go somewhere and trick it up!!!!

Love you friends.  Love all you that encourage me to keep going on this blog especially!  Your comments make me smile.   


Jewel said...

Happy 37th BD! I can't believe what an amazing day you had! I loved it all. Can you do all that for me next yr. when I turn 37, please? :)

Deb said...

What a fabulous day! You are a fortunate woman. And possibl the only person I now who is just as obsessed with Pinterest as I am.

sherri said...

WOW!!! You are so blessed, Heather! What a fantastic day you had celebrating you! Loved reading about all that you did. So funny, printing out the outfits from Pinterest...I do the same thing. :)

Mary said...

Wow! I love birthdays like that. Sometimes it's when you least expect it that you're reminded just how blessed you are. Happy Birthday Heather!